The 84th Miss A&T: the journey of Purpose, persistent and prosperity by Akilah Kafele


The 84th Miss A&T State University, Jada Brown.

Purpose, persistent and prosperity are the three words that will define the newly elected Miss A&T, Jada Brown’s legacy.

Brown insisted that she will shake up the campus by assisting students with turning their passion into purpose. While teaching them how to stay persistent and creating prosperity by working together as an Aggie community.

“I am more on the mindset of let’s get to work. Let’s get down to business because one thing that I really advocated for through my whole process is that, this is not me, then the Aggies; it’s all of us up there together,” said Jada Brown, Miss A&T.

Brown, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, is a rising senior psychology student with plans to continue towards higher education upon graduation. Her ultimate goal is to one day become a Child Psychologist.

Although, countless people within Brown’s life foresaw her future as Miss A&T she did not. It wasn’t until the unfortunate death of her high school classmate, Brandon Moore that made her rethink her purpose on N.C. A&T’s campus and in her life.

“One of the last things he tweeted was ‘you only have one life, you might as well live it,’ and that was what made me decide that I have to stop running from what I always knew I was supposed to do,” said Brown.

She’s currently taking steps to make sure she leaves an impact on campus. Brown has begun building relationships with various groups of students, contacting past Executive Board members as well as, meeting with Greensboro’s Mayor Nancy Vaughan, on issues within the community.

Brown and her focused energy, has encouraged her to brainstorm ideas to unify the Aggie women on campus through a new program called Talks with 84; she also plans to hold social networking and mentoring programs, to help students find their purpose.

With the spring semester quickly coming to a close, N.C. A&T’s 84th Miss A&T is hopeful that she’ll influence students to work together as a true community by understanding the deep meaning behind “Aggie Pride” through the three aspects of her message; Purpose, persistence and prosperity.