JOMC department upgrades the T.V. Studio by Jakayla Lide

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N.C. A&T’s  Journalism and Mass Communications department has received major technology updates in the television studio this summer.

The television studio manager, Edwin Moye has seen first hand the updates made to the department.

“The total costs to update the television studio resulted in being $225,000. The cost is much needed,” said Moye.

Moye believes the students will appreciate the updates made to the television studio due to the long overdue improvements.

Students will have access to new equipment such as a switcher, teleprompter, audio board, audio router and teleprompters.

The upgraded equipment will make it easier for students to get involved and produce content, as well as the department.

“The best way to get involved is to get involved with the happenings of the production in the studio. Aggie news and views is a great way for students to get involved in the production,” said Moye.

Students are allowed to participate in these new upgrades by first becoming camera certified and lighting certified.

“I believe the students of the department will be greatly thrilled to see new equipment in the fall semester,” said Kyra Brown, junior journalism and mass communications student.

With the help of the new technology in the television studio, the JOMC department prepares for the 2018-2019 academic school year.