Hairston Middle students explore Crosby Hall by: Sierra Dixon


Students from Hairston Middle School’s Journalism & Video Production Team visit the JOMC department at N.C. A&T

Zila Sanchez

Students from Hairston Middle School toured N.C. A&T’s journalism department to learn about the program and what it offers on Thursday, May 23.

Sixteen students and two teachers visited Crosby Hall and WNAA 90.1 FM, the television studio and GCB, where The A&T Register newsroom is located. The aspiring journalists learned from faculty, staff and current journalism students about practices, trends and story-telling methods.

“During their time in the TV studio they got to learn what equipment was used to do newscasting and the steps to create a successful interview,” said Kaye Hayes, an  administrative assistant for the JOMC department.

Zila Sanchez, managing editor of The A&T Register, spoke to students about media ethics during their visit to the newsroom.

“I enjoyed working with Hairston’s journalism/video production group and showcasing the Register’s newsroom, because I could see the curiosity in the students faces,” Sanchez said.

Emily Harris and Tierra Murray, professors in the journalism department, explained vital formatting skills, such as the important elements that make a story as well as the meaning of mass media and multimedia. Murray also explained what the “Digital Era” was to the students.

Harris explained the different types of stories and writing, from news to sports, and how everyone’s voice can be expressed in journalism.

“It was a joy having them here, and I hope they keep this experience with them,” Hayes said.

“It’s important to remind students it’s never too early to get involved in your desired career,” Sanchez said.

The JOMC department is looking forward to the return of these aspiring journalism students in the following years.