Aggie Declassified Midterm Survival Guide

Dasia Dupree, Contributor

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Midterms are slowly but surely creeping up on all students. Of course, the goal is to ace every midterm exam. Follow these tips to relieve some stress associate with exams.


  1. Prepare by looking over the syllabus to see what’s expected.

Syllabus are given to students to display the outline of the course and its upcoming assignments, projects or exams. By reading over the syllabus you can made be aware of all expectations regarding the class and assignments.

  1. Speak with your professor

Don’t be scared to ask questions. Asking questions clarifies any misconceptions you have about class material and exams. Questions such as “Will there be a study guide?” “How many points will the exam be?” and “What material will be on the exam?” are all great to ask to confirm your concerns. Remember, you may be able to find it on the syllabus (see the first tip).

  1. Create a study schedule

After confirming what material will be on the exam, make a study schedule. Creating a study schedule can help you tremendously. Start off by setting a designed time, day and place where you can study efficiently with no distractions. Next, create an outline of what you should be studying. The plan is to study smarter and not harder. Creating a schedule and outline will help manage your time and study what is on the test.

  1. Time to study

The pre-work is done now, it’s time to do the actual studying. In order to study efficiently, set your environment free from any distractions such as phones, televisions, and extra noise. Snacks are also a plus. While studying, do not fry your brain all at once. Study in intervals. Studying in 30-min intervals and having scheduled breaks is more effective and helps retain the information better.

  1. Seek help if needed

Remember the overall goal is to ace the midterm, asking for help is never a downfall. Tutors are always available. If your notes are not the best, reach out to classmates and form a study group. Swapping notes can be useful because one might have a simpler way or better understanding of the material which helps everyone.

  1. Get your sleep

Believe it or not, getting a good night’s sleep is a part of the goal to ace midterms. All-nighters leave you grumpy and drowsy the next day. Getting enough sleep allows you to be refreshed and ready for a new day to ace the exam.

  1. Everything will be ok

By preparing ahead and studying efficiently you are bound to great. If you follow all the necessary steps to ace the exam everything will be ok.


Now, it is time to prepare and study. Do not forget: work smarter not harder.