Megan Thee Stallion Fans Freak Out Over Recent Outfits

Madison Lawson, Contributor

Popular female rapper Megan Thee Stallion (also known as Tina Snow and Hot Girl Meg) has become increasingly popular over the last year as an energetic performer with knees like no other.

With her empowering rhymes and southern accent, the “rapstress” is proving just who she is and what she is capable of. 

While it would be expected for people to discuss the talent and authenticity of the up and coming rapper, her recent wardrobe has been the topic of discussion. 

Although Megan has proven her ability to rock the mic and push her pen, fans just can’t get over the fact that her costumes are not-so aesthetically pleasing to them. 

Viral tweets across Twitter are proving just how upset and disappointed people feel about Megan and her clothing. Some fans are even taking jabs at her stylist, saying she needs a new one. 

We know that fashion and image in the Rap industry is just as important as the beats and rhymes.

Lil Kim served as a muse for countless high-profile designers. Nicki Minaj’s early eclectic costumes and her recent collaboration with luxury brand Fendi were iconic. Cardi B sourced the Thierry Mugler archives for costuming. 

Lately, Megan has taken steps like her predecessors. 

She recently wore a full costume designed by Dapper Dan of Harlem during her “Made in America Festival” set — an honor that many other rappers cannot claim. 

Just like anything else on the planet, people are going to develop opinions about what someone else is doing, and then insist their opinions must be accepted and applied. 

Unsurprisingly, in this case, many are projecting their own stylistic preferences onto Megan. 

Some fans feel so passionate about the “rapstress” and her image, they have started petitions to get rid of her current Todd White. 

Nayyar Tenner, a senior technical writing student said, “I think that Meg has an enormous amount of  potential but I don’t think that her team is applying that to style her. She has more potential beyond black bras and fishnet stockings.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s wardrobe could use some work, which is what some of the other fans have attempted to reason with. Maybe she needs a little more time to pop, being that she is still considered a freshman in the industry. 

However, shaming others into changing their ways should not be justified just because one person does not agree with another. People can express dislike for Megan Thee Stallion and her costumes, but there is a respectful and tasteful way to do it. Demanding her to fire her stylist and insulting her constantly is not the way to do such a thing. 

It is also important to note that the hypercriticism of Megan’s wardrobe is not unfamiliar to Black women in the rap industry. 

It happens to the greatest, as we’ve seen with the turn on Nicki Minaj recently. However, it should not be the norm. 

Black women should be able to be herself in all aspects to succeed and warrant support.

Her costumes do bear an uncanny resemblance to the female wrestlers of WWE, but people are forgetting that Megan isn’t a puppet and ultimately decides what she wears. 

It is extremely likely that — as is the case with other celebrities — the stylist incorporates Megan’s preferences into her outfits, as fans have gone on to social media outlets like Twitter to suggest. 

So while some may disapprove of her appearance, they should acknowledge the likelihood of Thee Stallion choosing to look like she’s going to Friday Smackdown on WWE. Being a rapper is also being an artist — meaning Megan is still finding her voice and there is still room for growth. 

From the beginning, Megan has never strayed away from herself. Whether referred to as Thee Stallion, Hot Girl Meg, Tina Snow or just Megan, her style will undoubtedly be something people will have something to say about for the rest of her career.