Cuffing Season: Girls Edition


Alexis Davis & Morgan Haythorne, Contributor

 N.C. A&T students are being faced with the choice to settle down from their “hot boy/girl summer” by cuddling up indoors watching Netflix while drinking hot chocolate or to continue living life single with no worries.

As the leaves turn from vibrant summer green to rich autumn orange with breezes becoming more chilly, students are wondering has cuffing season officially arrived? Krystal Wood, a junior kinesiology student said, “Cuffing season is around the fall and winter season, and  people want to cuddle inside so they find them a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“The shorter days and cooler nights that begin in late fall and extend through winter supposedly make us want to jump into a relationship—to get “cuffed” to a partner, at least until spring rolls around,” according to Vice. 

 “When it’s hot outside people want to be single cause everyone is outside, but when it’s cold it’s more secluded,” said Cortnee Shannon, a junior criminal justice student.

This relationship schedule was created and has been enforced by men but in reality, women hold all the power. 

When being persuaded, women have the option to accept or decline a man’s act of interest or courting. Since we possess all the power, we must make it a part of our agenda to end this cycle of timing relationships that is centered around mythical thought. 

“The season doesn’t determine my relationship status,” Shannon said. 

Cuffing season also brings to the surface how social media sets the guidelines for millennial relationships in 2019. 

“I think cuffing season is a childish trend rooted in social media that males use as an excuse to get into a relationship because other men that they follow on Instagram or Twitter said so,” said Tayler Person, a sophomore marketing student from Towson University. 

Relationships with longevity and that are of substance form naturally through nurtured friendships. Cuffing season takes the effortlessness element out of healthy relationships and turns them down the forced path. 

“I don’t get cuffed during cuffing season intentionally and I don’t go out looking for comfort when it gets cold I just use a blanket,” Shannon said.

Cuffing season doesn’t tend to last that long. Wood said, “It depends on your intentions if you just getting with somebody just to be with them for a season, it’ll just be a seasonal relationship.” 

Girls don’t seem to take cuffing season seriously and think its a joke. When it gets cold, no one wants to be alone, but girls believe you shouldn’t want to get warmed up by just anyone. 

“In the winter time you want to have someone to hold, and I feel like you shouldn’t want to hold everybody, you should just hold one person,” Wood wood.

 The season also isn’t a factor. “I would want to be in a relationship no matter  the season.” Shannon said. 

Both Krystal and Shannon will be “boo’d up” this cuffing season so don’t expect to see them outside this fall.