SGA Senate passes bills in first meeting

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The SGA Senate held its first meeting of the year Jan. 27 in Marteena Hall to vote  on various Constitutional Amendments that were proposed.

The amendments, which were all passed by the SGA Senate, must now be reviewed and voted on by the school’s Board of Trustees, before finalization.

The first constitutional amendment proposed by the Senate was a resolution to allocate funds for the Vice President of External Affairs and Treasurer. 

Currently in the SGA Executive Board, the president, Mr. A&T and Miss A&T receive stipends of $350, starting from May 1 of the election year through the following April.

A stipend of $250 is allocated to the other Executive Board members from Sept. 1 through April. After discussion, the amendment was voted for and passed to allocate a $250 stipend to the VPEA and treasurer.

The resolution to expedite allocation of a stipend for the VPEA and Treasurer was written by Raymond Beamon, Chairperson of Judicial Committee.

The next amendment proposed was an amendment to increase the SGA election expenses. Currently, campaign budgets for SGA President, Mr. A&T, and Miss A&T are set at $850. 

All other executive branch offices have a limit of $350, all legislative and judicial branch offices have a maximum of $250 and run-off elections have a limit of 25 percent of the primary campaign maximum.

The new amendment, which was passed, allows those running for SGA President, Miss A&T and Mr. A&T to spend a limit of $1,200.

The resolution also made it possible for all other executive branch offices to spend $600, while all legislative and judicial branch offices have new limitations of $350.

Another constitutional bill was passed, written by current Editor in Chief of the A&T Register Dexter Mullins.

It resolves that the student senate will strike from the constitution Article VI, Section I, clause K, and subsections 1-10 following clause K.

This will allow the A&T Register to operate as a completely editorially independent student publication.

The A&T Register, if an editorially independent publication, will reserve the right to make all decisions in the position of Editor in Chief.

The position will no longer appear on the ballot Beamon also wrote the final two amendments proposed that night. One of which increased the requirement of community service for Miss A&T.

Currently, Mr. A&T has a community service clause, but the female representative of the student body does not.

This proposal makes a requirement that future Miss A&T’s to do two C.A.S.E. approved community service events, separate from Mr. A&T.

The final resolution was written to increase the duties of the SGA Attorney General. The amendment will by added to Article VI, Section 2, adding clause L.

If finalized, it will be effective Aug. 1, that the Attorney General will be required to perform a Health and Safety Conference no earlier than the second week of January and no later than the third week of February.

The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will be his/her advisor to make sure all duties are performed.

  • Jasmine Johnson