Great Sparks For Sparkle

With its sultry taste for the 60s music, the debuted drama starring legendary Whitney Houston and rookie Jordin Sparks, along with a plethora of guest appearances, shucked the entertainment industry. This was not your average show business Cinderella tale. 

“Sparkle” has a sharper dramatic focus relating to the story of the late Houston.

 In her final acting role, Houston portrays the soul diva who takes out her vengeance out on the music industry. 

As quoted in the movie, “was my life not enough of a cautionary tale,” said Houston, despite the foolery of her inescapable real-life implications.  

The story is based out of Detroit in 1968, booming with affluent musically gifted artists of that time, and Sparkle, played by Sparks is jumping on that train towards success.

The musical prodigy, Sparkle struggles to become a Hollywood star, but the teenager dream comes true.  

Undoubtedly, Sparks owns the role of Sparkle. Being the oldest and defiant one, Sister or Tammy (Carmen Ejogo), has a spunk and wild side about her that eventually puts her at risk with her own life. 

Her egotistical and smug stand-up comedian boyfriend Satin (Mike Epps) is at fault with those actions. Delores (Tika Sumpter), is above drama and sets sail for medical school.  

Through adversaries and turmoil, the strongest survives and there stands Sparkle. At the end, Emma (Houston) takes pride and acceptance in her youngest daughter gifts, for Sparkle always had the most confidence and faith in her goals. 

“Sparkle” is extremely brilliant and underlies a message of how the entertainment business can be shaky. 

Overall, round of applause for the cast! Anyone can see this movie, not just those who are star-struck by Sparks’s beauty, or paying respect for Houston’s last film, but due to the high level of performances that the stars deliver. 

“Sparkle” will carry that music and movie legacy, just watch.

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  • Chanel Tucker, Contributer