Fashion trends that dominate A&T’s campus


Kamryn Jackson , Contributor

It is no secret that the internet, particularly social media, has an immense impact on the fashion industry. Fashion trends can move and become more widespread at previously considered unimaginable rates.

N.C. A&T  enrollment nears 13,000 students, and we see several different looks and apparel on campus daily. 

Here’s a list of fashion trends that are often seen in Aggieland.

1. Graphic tees

Considering the overwhelming recognition graphic tees receive, It is no surprise that they have a significant hold on the students here at A&T. 

Graphic tees are incredibly effective in grabbing attention, especially with the array of different themes, colors and graphics on the tee. The diversity of graphic tees and their stunning effect play a significant role in their popularity. 

“The tee makes you stand out so much. They truly make the fit pop,” sophomore psychology student Justyce Moore said. 

One of the most popular graphic tee designs is vintage. “Vintage” fashion has become more popular over the years, primarily due to the infatuation with the idea of nostalgia. Vintage clothing is timeless and will always be incorporated into today’s fashion; consumers will pay homage to something considered a “classic,”; hence, the popularity of vintage graphic tees.

It would not be an understatement to say that Graphic tees are the most worn clothing item here at A&T; hence, it is #1 on the list.

2. Telfar bags

The “Telfar” bag originated from 36-year-old Fashion designer Telfar Clemens, who masterminded his transformative brand when he was only 19.

The bag was released in 2014; however, due to a recent increase in social awareness, the bag skyrocketed in popularity. The Telfar is made of Vegan leather, which separates it from other luxury bags.

One thing college students love so much about the Telfar bag is its interchangeability. 

“The bag can be worn in so many different ways. I’ve seen people wear it super casually, and I’ve seen people wear it while trying to dress up nicely. I love that the bag does not limit you to one specific style,” junior International business student Moriah Terry said. 

The demand for this Black-owned brand is prominent; the bag sells out within minutes whenever a new drop occurs. The hold of this bag has gone beyond A&T; it indeed has a grip on the entire HBCU community, which is pleasantly fitting considering it is black-owned. 

3. Nike Dunks

Dunks are a type of Nike shoe, and Nike is regarded as the world’s largest athletic apparel company.

Initially, Dunks were considered “basketball shoes” tailored toward college athletes.

Now, Dunks are considered a go-to for sneaker lovers and casual wearers.

“Dunks are so popular because they give off a real retro vibe. The shoes are a depiction of simple but effective. The design is so simple, but they truly do get the job done when putting a fit together,” Moore said.

One thing the student body here at A&T prioritizes is their shoes. It should come as no surprise that students are seen in dunks so often.

4. Bass Pro shop Hats

Bass Pro Shops” is an American retail company geared towards outdoor recreation merchandise such as fishing, hunting, and camping. 

Students admit to not having any interest in fishing, hunting, etc., but that doesn’t stop them from styling and utilizing the hat to how they see fit.

“I don’t care for outdoor recreation, and I have 3 Bass pro hats. Style is all about taking different pieces of clothing and putting them all together in an appealing way. That’s what I see with Bass pro hats. I love it,” Terry said.

For more outfit ideas, especially for the upcoming homecoming season, check out the NCAT Drip Instagram page.