Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

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This movie can be described as a romantic comedy in every sense of the phrase.

It was just as funny as it was cute. The awkward and hilarious situations that happen in the lives of an unexpectedly expecting couple bring laughs and warm your heart at the same time.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Zoe, a pet storeowner who is anxious to have a baby.

Although she had not yet found “the one” who she can marry and start a family with, she felt that having a baby would make her happy.

She buys a sperm sample from fertility center and is artificially inseminated.

Immediately after the procedure, she begins to feel better about the possibilities and meets

Stan, played by Alex O’Loughlin, who hails the same cab as she does.

After running into him again at the neighborhood farmers’ market and again at her pet store, he invites her on romantic yet awkward date in a private park.

She begins dating him only to find out that she is pregnant, and then the comedy ensues.

From the ultrasound to love scene that goes completely wrong, Zoe and Stan have to deal with circumstances like her hormones and sensibility to Stan being a dad (but not really) that end up both being comical and bringing them closer.

One of the funny situations was when she gets herself voted out of a “single mothers ‘and proud'” support group with an overly enthusiastic leader after they find out that she is involved with someone.

The overall funniest situation of the movie was the shenanigans that go on when one of the members of the support group delivers a baby in her house and leaves Stan traumatized.

There were some points where you could say that the story got a little over-sentimental in the fact that it seemed predictable.

However, the way that Stan handles the situation and is there for Zoe was refreshing.

Another funny scene was with Anthony Anderson, who makes an appearance as the funny playground dad.

He meets Stan in a stressful state and offers advice about being a father.

This movie was surprisingly better than I thought that it would be, and offered non-stop laughs and sweet moments that warm the heart.

Some people may think that it is just another chick flick, but it is a film that both genders can appreciate.


Grade: B

  • laporsha lowry