Simply-To-Go Garners Mixed Reviews from Students

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Recently, the Simply To-Go takeout facility opened in the old Aggie Late Night location, providing students with an alternative meal in place of Williams Cafeteria and the Sit-In.

Angela Peterson, director of Auxiliary Services, said that this endeavor brings value that the students can benefit from by having access to a good meal between their schedules.

“Students can select four items, including a drink, and that constitutes one meal from their meal plan. There is a variety of different choices to pick from and it is convenient because they can just swipe their card for a good meal after the café closes.”

Food Board committee president Kimberly Chimonyo stated that the hours offered were a way to target the students whose busy schedules sometimes prevent them from eating right at times.

“This is a way for those students to get a full-course, healthy mean between classes from a general menu with both hot and cold items. The new hours help to eliminate the wait that the takeout option from the café had.”

Johnika Golden, a freshman psychology major, said that it was very convenient for her schedule.

“It was just as good as the café, and it makes it easier for me so I don’t have to go sit down. I can get it and get out.”

Although Simply To-Go may be more convenient for some students, others do not like the quality of the food.  Alex Mitchell, a sophomore psychology major, said that she did not enjoy the Simply To-Go experience.

“It tasted like left-over cafe food.  I’ll never go back there to eat.”  

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