Holland Bowl covered in green and gold for John Deere Day

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The Holland Bowl was decorated in a sea of green and yellow Mar. 18 for John Deere Day, an event that brought together students and John Deere representatives for food, music, networking and information.

John Deere, prominently known for their agricultural tractors and tools, brought along a few of their products as to leave no confusion as to what they do. Students were able to see up close the machines that have made the company a household name.

The people at John Deere set up a tent in the middle of the Holland Bowl and provided Aggies with food and drinks. Picnic tables were also accessible so that attendees could converse among themselves about what they were learning and getting out of the function.

There were also informational tables where students could speak to John Deere associates about internship and career opportunities.

Fliers and pamphlets were readily available to give general information. Students were given a ticket upon entering the tent, giving them a chance to enter a raffle. Throughout the evening numbers were called with winners receiving prizes such cup holders, caps, canisters and water bottles featuring the famous John Deere logo. 

Aggies may have also recognized the company’s trademark green vehicles, which are widely used on campus.

These green vehicles and Aggieland may seem to have nothing in common, however, the relationship between A&T and John Deere goes much deeper than that of a buyer and seller. 

The company’s had an ongoing affiliation with the school since 2005.  Brian Jolliff, a 2001 graduate of A&T and current employee of John Deere spoke candidly about the event and its purpose. 

“We want students to have a good time and show our appreciation” he said.

By getting students informed and curious about the company now, before the company’s fall recruiting season, they will be more prepared and knowledgeable when the time comes to apply for positions.

Jashaun Carter, a graduate student, will be soon embarking on his marketing internship with the company this summer in Cary. As one of the seven John Deere interns at A&T, Carter was thrilled to see so many students actually talking with the different representatives. Aggies showed interest and a thirst for more knowledge about the company.

Freshman Deborah Samuels, a double major in Architectural and Civil Engineering, knew she couldn’t miss this event.

“I honestly came looking for possible job opportunities, but of course the music and free food didn’t hurt,” said Samuels. “Overall, I think the program captured students’ attention and the representatives were very helpful.”

The event also featured an exhibition from the school’s Baja SAE team, which showed what its vehicles could do on the terrain of the Holland Bowl.  Part of a $60,000 donation from John Deere to the school goes to this team. 

For more information on internships and full-time employment, students are urged to visit www.JohnDeere.jobs.

  • Charles O. Johnson