JOMC accreditation to be determined by ACEJMC

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The department of Journalism and Mass Communications is scheduled to meet with the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) in May for further discussion of the state of accreditation for the JOMC department at A&T.

According to Dr. Humphrey Regis, JOMC department chairperson, the council would like to further investigate the accrediting standards for the department — specifically governance and rules — before making a solid decision on the reaccreditation of the department.

“The discussion is to go more in-depth of the report evaluating the good and the bad of the nine standards used to evaluate us,” Regis said.

The ACEJMC’s Mission, Governance and Administration standard evaluates the mission and strategic planning of the department’s future, the procedure and policies of faculty governance, leadership in the department and university relations, and the availability of avenues for the faculty, staff and students in the department to voice concerns.

The initial recommendations were determined after the council’s visit to the department in early February, when students and JOMC faculty met with the council members and expressed opinions about the department’s structure. Classroom instruction and overall function of the department were also evaluated.

The Mission, Governance and Administration standard affected the results of the department’s report heavily, according to Regis. He said the department was specifically recommended to work on its relationships within the department and also across campus to ensure the department can voice their needs with expected action. The department was also encouraged to redevelop and refine the process for choosing leadership within the department. 

Regis said the department is not in any danger with reaccreditation; further questioning is required to complete the report. “The council will not make their final decision on accreditation until after further discussion,” Regis said.

The meeting in May with the council and any further recommendations will help determine the department’s final accreditation status.

  • Ashley Reid