Old age, breathing problems kill “Aggie Pride”

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On June 3, 2009 the NC A&T mascot, “Aggie Pride”, passed away due to  a cardio-pulmonary syndrome and old age. Breathing problems due to narrow nasal passages and long soft palates are common in English Bulldog breeds.

The average lifespan of an English Bulldog is 8-10 years old. “Aggie” (as he was called) was 8 ½ years old, born on December 30, 2000. “Aggie” was purchased by the Pre-Veterinary Club and maintained at the Laboratory Animal Resource Unit in Webb Hall by Staff and Students. “Aggie” participated in many University functions such as the Homecoming Parade and Alumni events.

He also traveled to local schools in the community.  He made many television appearances and appeared in several University pictures. “Aggie” is remembered for his calm, friendly, and carefree spirit.  He was a living ambassador for our University and will be greatly missed. Plans are underway to purchase the next English Bulldog.

The Pre-Veterinary Club is accepting funds from alumni, faculty, the university, and friends who care. The budget is around $1800.  Those wishing to donate toward the purchase may do so by contacting Dr. Tracy Hanner, Pre-Vet Club advisor, in Webb Hall.

  • Shante Mathes