Movie gives a new spin on romantic comedy

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“Our Family Wedding” came out in theaters last Friday. The movie brings new meaning to the saying, “Your marriage, their wedding.”

The plot seems simple. Lance Gross and America Ferrera star as the young couple who come home to announce their engagement and hurried wedding plans to their families. However, due to a series of secrets and obvious family differences the news doesn’t go over smoothly in the Mexican American and African American families.

Lance Gross does well in his first, non-Tyler Perry project. He plays Marcus Boyd, the honest, philanthropist, Columbia Medical School graduate. Though his character doesn’t have that much depth, he defiantly will have every lady in the theater wishing she was the one marrying him.

Ferrera, as usual, does a great job. She is an amazing young actress, who has the ability to completely immerse herself in every role she takes on.  She plays Lucia Ramarez, the eager to please daughter who has kept a lot from her family over the years to keep them happy.

Majority of the problems in the movie stem from Lucia and Marcus’ egotistical, competitive fathers played by Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia.  Whitaker plays a Brad Boyd, the rich nighttime radio DJ and unorthodox single father, with playboy qualities.

This is a new role for the Academy Award winner, who normally takes more serious, dramatic roles. A romantic comedy is a nice change of pace as viewers get to see him in a new way.

Mencia plays Miquel Ramarez, a well off owner of a tow truck company. A new face to the big screen, his George Lopez type qualities help him hold his own next to Whitaker.

Despite how things may look the movie rises above the expected “Guess Who” plot and brings a new flare to the romantic comedy genre.

Part of that new flare includes Regina King’s character. King shines as Brad Boyd’s lawyer and best friend. Her strong presence steals scenes, and her character’s story holds its own against the major plot of the movie.

A colorful cast of family members including Charlie Murphy and Taye Digs, round out the movie’s colorful cast. 

Though somewhat predictable, “Our Family Wedding” is a feel-good romantic comedy (with a great soundtrack) that will make you laugh, cry and want to fall in love. 


  • Sylvia Obell