DO’S & DONT’S for the Career Fair

Alexis Wray

A large part of investing in your career is allowing others to view your skills for your most desired profession. One of the best ways to display them is through the spring career fair. I have a provided a list of suggestions below to help you better prepare for the structure of the career fair.

Location: Corbett Gymnasium

Date: February 23, 2017

Time: 9:00am-2:00pm


DO- get your resume reviewed by someone at Career

Services before the career fair, to ensure there are no

errors. DON’T- review your own resume or have a friend look it over.

DO- prepare the best resume you can with detail, before

letting someone review and revise it for you. DON’T- let your resume cover 2 pages unless you have over 5 years of work experience in your desired occupation.

DO- wear business casual. Find a store where you can

piece together a presentable look. DON’T- wear tight uncomfortable clothes revealing body parts that are inappropriate for the workplace.

DO- prepare a quick (30-second) elevator speech, detailed with impressive things about yourself that will stand out the most at the career fair. DON’T- share unflattering details about yourself or anyone else.

DO- make eye contact while communicating with the

representatives of the businesses.

DON’T- look all around the room. This may show that you’re distracted and uninterested.

DO- always shake the representative’s hand and

introduce yourself before you engage in conversation.

Afterwards, thank them for their time. DON’T- walk right up and begin asking questions without doing a formal and common introduction.

When it comes to dressing for any type of interview process, including the Spring Career Fair, business casual is the expectation. Wearing business casual for women can include a knee-length skirt or longer and dress pants paired with a button-down shirt or an appropriate fashion top. Your shoes should be comfortable and easy to walk in: flats or a three-inch heel. Business casual for men usually includes dress pants with a button-down shirt and tie, if available, it also helps to include a blazer or suit jacket. Stores where business casual clothing can be found includes but is not limited to: JCPenney, H&M, Belk, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.

List of Business at the Spring Career Fair


Altec Industries


Bank of America


Farm Credit

Greensboro Fire Department



Sam’s Club

Smithfield Foods

U.S. Coast Guard

United States Postal Service

Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Land O’Lakes Inc



Honda Aircraft Company

Ingersoll Rand

Elder Research, Inc

General Electric


Corning Incorporated

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