The Lack of Luxury Homeless in our Community

Alexis Wray

By: Alexis Wray

Many people are blessed with the privilege of waking up every morning with a roof over their heads. They may even wander into the kitchen to find food of their liking and then walk into their bathrooms to find more than what they really need to get ready. However, there are still plenty of other people who can’t even phantom the last time they were able to afford these luxuries.

Everyday thousands of Americans struggle to find shelter, food, and the bare necessities needed to survive. The people pushed out by society and left to fend for themselves are better known as the homeless.

“They come to us in crisis, and we try to provide short term help with long term solutions, so they can get back on their feet as quickly as possible,” said by Lane Harvey Brown, Director of development and communications at Urban Ministries.

Homelessness in any area is probable but when people get site of the numbers in a place where they live, it makes it a reality. In America, the most recent homeless count accrued 564,708 people, and in Guilford County the amount of homeless people accumulated 949.

The Guilford County population recorded in 2013 was 506,610. Following this census was the accumulation of the homeless count in the Triad area.

Several organizations work diligently to help resolve and bring about a change in the homeless community: Urban Ministries, Pathways Center, Joseph’s House Inc, YWCA, Leslie’s House, Blessed Table Food Pantry, Bread of Life Food Pantry, Spartan Open Pantry, Guilford County Food Pantry, etc.

“We strive to meet people at their point of need,” Lane Harvey Brown, a director of Greensboro Urban Ministries.

The Homeless count in Guilford County will continue to grow, just as it will all over the country. Allowing yourself to be aware of available resources can improve the life of so many struggling people if we strive to volunteer, support and help keep the organizations alive.

Shelters/Food Pantry Hours Phone Number

Mary House Open- Daily For women and children ONLY (336) 275-0820

Joseph’s House Inc Open- Daily (336)-272-7679

Greensboro Urban Ministries

Open- Daily (336) 271-5959

Spartan Open Pantry Open- Tues. 5:00pm-9:00pm (336) 334-5119

Guilford County Food Pantry Open- ONLY Wed. & Sat. 2:45pm-5:00pm (336) 378-9292

Blessed Table Food Pantry Open- Tues. – Friday 10:00am-1:00pm (336) 333-2266

Bread of Life Food Pantry Open- Daily (336) 272-1305


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