DACA Opportunity Ruined


Zila Sanchez

“It wasn’t their choice to be brought into this country.” For some, this is the only home they know. They realize they are here illegally, and now they have to figure out how to stay. After last week, those young immigrants’ hopes were crushed when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration is rescinding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA is what allowed those 800,000 immigrants, who were brought into the country as children, temporary relief from deportation. Ending DACA is a punch to the gut for the Latinx community, who have waited a long time for a grant like this. The joy was palpable when former President Barack Obama issued the order to establish DACA in 2012. It protected youth under 16 years of age from deportation and granted work-permits to people under 31. All people had to do was pay a $465 fee and provide all their contact information, which undocumented people have always known to be a dangerous thing to submit to the government. Desperate people looking to find the success they were promised while growing up put all their trust into the Obama administration only to have the promise pulled from underneath them in the next administration.

President Donald Trump has made it clear time and time again that he does not care about the minority groups, and he will do anything to reverse any efforts made by Obama. According to an August NBC News poll, most Americans are in favor of the DACA program with 64 percent supporting it. This just further proves that Trump is acting on the ugly, racist rhetoric he relied on during his campaign

Also known as Dreamers, these undocumented folks are noncriminal with real-life goals of working or going to school. They are not rapists, gang members, or thugs. They are simply trying to be a part of a country that always tell them to dream big and there are endless possibilities. It’s true; the sky is the limit until you can’t get a car because you don’t have a driver’s license, and you can’t get a driver’s license because you don’t have legal documentation. The world is yours until you graduate high school and are stuck because you can’t go to an out-of-state school since you don’t get any federal financial aid because you don’t have a social security number. Everything is so easy until you don’t have a piece of paper that proves you were born in this country, even if you’re the most patriotic person in your class

Dreamers are more than statistics and political chess pieces. It is not fair to take back a promise they were banking on for their future, and it is cruel to send them away from the country they call home. It is absolute torture for any undocumented person to know they are never safe, and keeping their legal status a secret is a burden far beyond what the average American will ever know. Rallying for change is all these people can do while they wait for the Trump administration to have a change of heart. It’s a tragic thing to see a group of poeple love a country that doesn’t love them back.