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Where are the fans? Women’s Sports vs. Men’s Sports


It’s Women in Sports month, yet the recognition for their sports hasn’t even peaked at N.C. A&T, especially since the Lady Aggie’s basketball team has been on a seven-game win streak since the start of the season. 

At the women’s games, the crowd is typically the same each time; having the most familiar students’ faces and the same for the alumni. 

The crowd can be so small at their games fans have an easy opportunity to sit courtside, leaving only a few in the bleachers. And compared to men’s games, where fans arrive early for a chance to grab a courtside seat, since fans fill up both the courtside seats and bleachers quickly. 

A&T students have taken to Sidechat, an anonymous social app, to voice concerns about the crowd turnout at women’s games vs. the men’s. 

One user posted on the platform and said, ”If we can watch the boys lose almost every other game, why can’t we support the girls who win almost most of their games?” 

As a fan of women’s basketball and a photographer, I understand the women’s basketball fans desire for support because many games are very intriguing, showing the passion the ladies’ basketball team has built together over the past year. 

The crowd, in a sense, helps make the game more enjoyable. Think about the Greek night game on Feb. 1; everyone was invested in the plays and even gave commentary for when the A&T team scored or certain fouls weren’t called. It all goes back to the engagement. 

Kennedy Cheek, a junior mechanical engineering student, often goes to games whenever friends recommend them or during specialty nights like Greek night or blackout. Cheek prefers the men’s game because of the hype of energy from the crowd.

“Girls games are more on the fundamentals of the game, so the games can tend to be more boring for people who don’t know the game,” Cheek said. “There’s nothing like going to a good game with a hype crowd, the energy is unmatched.”

Cheeks also enjoys the Lady Aggie’s basketball games, reminding her of her past with playing basketball. Cheeks does hope for a better turnout at the games, helping in the need of crowd engagement

Special events are also more catered to the men’s basketball team than the ladies. Many question why the women team doesn’t have a Greek night or the opportunity to play our rivals, North Carolina Central University (NCCU). 

Ironically, we are in the same conference as our rivals NCCU, giving the men’s basketball team the opportunity this season to play our Rivals NCCU on Dec. 12. 

Freshman social work student Rmani Henry is a dedicated fan of the Lady Aggie basketball team, coming to most of the games and keeping track of the scores of the games she can’t make. 

As a fan, Henry wishes to see equal representation in the student body at both games, she encourages her friends to get tickets and go to as of the games many as they can.

“They are both hard-working teams that deserve equal support from their peers,” Henry said. “The girls’ games feel like high school basketball games and not college. Some people are just there because they have to be instead of genuinely supporting the girls.”

One of the stars of the Lady Aggie basketball team Jordyn Dorsey, a junior biology student, understands the differences in the student body support seeing this as more of a reality that highlights the stark difference in sports on a widespread level. 

“We truly love our true supporters but womens’ sports just aren’t talked about as much as the mens’,” Dorsey said. “With that being the reality, we still are grateful for the ones that have supported us this far.” 

Most of the time, Dorsey doesn’t get intimidated by the crowd, only focusing on the game. More attendance is a good outcome that brings the team a better home-court advantage, but the student body should support all sports. 

“A lot of times when I’m out there, I be so focused [in the games] it just feels like us and the opponent in the gym,” Dorsey said. “Students should support all sports, win or lose support from our peers is greatly appreciated.” 

The lady Aggies have two home games left on March 7 and March 9, with the men’s basketball team having only one home game left on Feb 29 as they’re on the way to the championships, giving the student body three more chances to support both teams. 

To continue following the team’s schedule, follow their social media pages and check the student ticket office to secure your game tickets. 


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