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Have N.C. A&T Students Become Desensitized to Traumatic Experiences?

Image from WFMY News 2

Although Aggie Fest and Homecoming are amongst some of the most pleasurable and memorable experiences for most N.C. A&T students, both events are infamous for inciting chaos.

Being said, a recent mass-casualty hit-and-run that took place during this year’s Aggie Fest has sparked much discourse about whether or not Aggies have become desensitized to recurring traumatic events.

The accident took place on Friday, March 29 on South Eugene St. The area was crowded by a mass of  students who had just left, “Greeknik,” a day-party that combined throwback elements of 90s Freaknik with A&T’s Greek life. 

Students recall that what seemed to be the “Greeknik” afterparty, was already getting a little out of hand prior to the car accident. 

“I really don’t remember much but I remember leaving the party because it was supposedly getting shut down and some folks were getting pepper sprayed,” said Caulin Avery, an A&T student who was a victim of the car accident. 

Since police were already populating the area, it’s been alleged that the driver responsible for the crash was fleeing the scene to escape police. Despite having a crowd of people ahead of them, the driver proceeded to rapidly take off.

“What I saw was just chaos. People trying to help their friends, people trying to get out the way. It just was not the place to be,” said Ivy Mitchell, a second-year IT student who witnessed the aftermath of the accident. 

The following day, March 30, 2024 a popular instagram account amongst HBCU students,

@Hbcu.Shaderoom, reposted a reel of the traumatic accident, clearly illustrating all that took place.

In the video, the car is seen charging through a sea of people, sending anything or anyone in its way flying. 

In addition to showing many witnesses unhesitantly running to help those who were injured, the video also highlights that various other witnesses, including the cameraman, stood idly by and even laughed at the traumatic event once it was over. 

The comments of the reel were flooded by users who were outraged by the sheer apathy displayed by the bystanders. 

“People laughing is the reason I barely have friends my age. No one takes anything serious and people barely have empathy,” commented one viewer. 

It was made clear in these Instagram comments that A&T students, parents and viewers unaffiliated with the university were outraged by the laughing. 

Students also took to Sidechat, to anonymously share their concerns about how the incident was handled by bystanders and the organizations responsible for Greeknik and the afterparty on Eugene St. 

“I believe nobody is blaming College Daze and Two Way for the accident, however, the way they are handling  it was like “Look we addressed it, now look at the new event. They simply don’t care and it shows,” said one Sidechat user in efforts to highlight that the party promotion organizations that threw both parties didn’t seem empathetic towards the victims. 

In agreement, another user commented, “No remorse for the victims, all they care about is money.” 

On the other hand, some students said they were satisfied with the way the party promoting organizations handled the situation. 

“You heard about them calling the people and their families to check in on them? They called me and checked in. No need to keep harping on it,” said one Sidechat user who was seemingly a victim of the car accident. 

Overall, it was extremely unfortunate that students’ fun and joy was ruined by a senseless act. Whether or not it was handled properly is up for interpretation but at the end of the day, Aggies should always strive to protect one another and violence and chaos should not be normalized or approached with a careless attitude. 

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