Deactivated card complaints arise

Alexis Wray

The first week of class at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University began with a line formed outside of the Aggie One Card Office, located in the Aggie Dome. Student after student fell into line with very similar complaints; their Aggie One card had been deactivated.


Aggie One cards are a staple of the civilization of an Aggie. These cards ensure that students can enter their dorms, use dining services, health services, parking services, laundry services, the mail center, the ticket office, the bookstore, vending machines on campus, provide discounts around the city of Greensboro, and it also serves as a form of identification for several students.  


“I first found out my Aggie One had been deactivated the first day of class while in line at the cafeteria. They allowed me to eat there anyway because it was a general complaint from most students,” said Na­talia Eliris Vélez Padua, Bi­o­log­i­cal En­gi­neer­ing sopho­more stu­dent.


N.C. A&T students also voiced their opinions concerning their arrival back to campus from winter break. Several students were stuck outside with the inability to access their dorms, forcing them to rely on people passing through their building or receiving the help of their Resident Assistants.


Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises, Angela Peterson stated that All Aggie OneCards are deactivated when students graduate, are suspended/dismissed, after each semester/term, lost/stolen or if the student leaves the University.

The Aggie One Card Office handled the general complaint of the deactivated cards by allowing students to approach private sections of the office, away from the general help desk; followed by the frequently asked question that all Aggies know: What is your Banner ID?


After checking the widespread system, the different amount of students either found that they owed a remaining balance to the school or that their deactivation could be solved by the mere click of a mouse.


According to the Office of Campus Enterprises, the deactivation of the AggieOne cards happens after each semester/term.


“I am a sophomore, and the issue of a deactivated Aggie One card has never happened to me. I even know several of my friends who were able to use their cards as normal,” said Padua.


If you have any problems with your Aggie One Card visit the Aggie One Card Office from 8:00am-5:00 pm in the Aggie Dome or call (336)334-7114.