Ask a black girl by: Elijah Gibbs-Jones


Graphic by Alberto Ortiz

Zila Sanchez



QUESTION: What is your favorite thing about being a black woman?

Answer 1: “Being a black woman is so empowering. We go through so much but it only makes us stronger and unique. I’m extremely proud to be one!”

Answer 2: “My favorite thing about being an unapologetic black woman is the fact that everybody wants to be us. No matter what, no one can ever compare to a black woman and that’s facts.”

Answer 3: “I can be so versatile with the way I wear my hair and block out society’s opinions on how I should look. Just know that black women will always be magical!”

QUESTION: What is your take on black men slandering black women?

Answer 1: “Your preference is yours to have, however that is no excuse to slander any woman. The fact is that as a black man you came from a black woman, therefore you should show respect no matter what.”

Answer 2: “The way males have been slandering black women is extremely disappointing. They have been categorizing us like we’re all the same, but at the end of the day real recognizes real. A real MAN knows when he has something good.”

Answer 3: “Black males should not slander black women because at the end of the day, we are essentially the ones that will always hold them down. We bring forth an energy that can not be found anywhere else.”