N.C. A&T sets new image for the millennium

Written by: Alonzo Clark

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North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University replaced the dated blue and gold letter sign. A new sign sets a refine standard for the school off of East Market Street.

According to advandedmultisign.com, signage is defined as the main purpose to inform, communicate, market and promote to those who have a fond interest of an organization.

Many schools have a sign that establish who they are, and gives a reminder to a visitor that they are in or in the vicinity of their campus.

After all, as new changes continue to come on N.C. A&T State University campus, the Preeminence 2020 plan is serving justice for students. Such changes includes the new student center arriving August 2018, and new engineering research and innovation complex (ERIC) that will possibly be constructed May 2020 after the demolition of Hayes YMCA May 2018. But, that leaves the new signage as one of the secret ingredients for the new look that N.C. A&T is aiming for.

So, whose decision was it to start taking the new signage to a new level?

Angela Patterson, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises explains when the idea was first thought of.

“We worked with our facilities team to undertake signage for the University. The multi-phased signage project started in 2015,” said Patterson.

Phase II was completed in 2016 and the team began Phase III in 2017 with the monument sign. The ideal for the new signage is to the continue to use the same design throughout the entire campus.

Patterson said that the idea was inspired by the Class of 2015.

As for the Class of 2018, a monumental signage isn’t thought of to exist on campus. Amanda Crumbley, senior journalism and mass communication student is familiar with the new changes happening on campus.

“I have seen the new sign. And no, I am unaware of anything being donated or any projects being done on behalf of the class of 2018,” Crumbley said.

Although the class of 2018 does not have plans to be remembered now, hopefully, future classes will be able to leave a piece of them to not be forgotten..

After all, the Class of 2015 legacy will continue. The last final touch will be a placard placed next to the entrance sign that reads, “Entrance Monument Supported by Class of 2015.”

Stay on the lookout for the attractive landscaping being done around the sign and plan to take beautiful pictures at the sign between Dowdy Hall and Bluford Hall.

Photo slideshow by: Alonzo Clark