The Aggie Spotlight: Rapper PL Miike x theScene

Nakylah Carter, theScene Editor

Mike Hicks, also known as the rapper known as PL Miike is a junior information technology student. Out of Clinton, NC, PL Miike also comes with a long history in the rap game, as well as an impressive following. 

He’s been producing music since 2019 on Soundcloud, Youtube and Apple Music. Although he does not possess an extensive fanbase on Soundcloud, he has a massive 13 thousand followers on Instagram and his other social media platforms. In addition to this, PL Miike has gained over one million views on his personal Youtube channel. The rapper enjoyed participating in the 1891 Cypher hosted by SUAB this past month. 

“It was a good experience,” PL Miike said. “I would love to do it again.”

Miike has been rapping since he was 14 and frequently performs his music throughout North Carolina. The rapper has a music video with over 14,000 views and a growing fanbase on his streaming platforms. Nakylah Carter, theScene editor, got a chance to sit and talk with the up-and-coming rapper about his rap career and school life. 

Be sure to follow his Instagram, @plmiike, to stay updated on his newest songs including his most recent song, “Stay True”, which was released the same day as the 1891 Cypher.