Senate Meeting Run-Down


Courtesy of NCAT Senate Twitter Account

The senators for the seven districts (colleges) pose at the end of the first senate meeting.

Falesha Brodie, Jordan Bizzell, and Elaijah Gibbs-Jones

The N.C. A&T Senate held its first meeting on Wednesday.

Old and new business were discussed among the seven districts and colleges of campus. These included the Senate’s t-shirt ideas, inductions for appointed and newly-elected SGA officials, future goals of the Senate and voting on special issues.

One of the main issues included the decision on whether the appointed parliamentarian of SGA, Kayla Curry should receive compensation in comparison to elected officials that sit on the Executive Board.

“I believe even if you are appointed, you should be getting paid. You’re doing the same job as everybody else,” said Elahna Green, sophomore arts student and Senator of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Senators discussed where the money would derive from in terms of budget, as well as who determines which executive board members receive a stipend. Thus, to create a bill to add to this stipend to the Constitution.

Ultimately, the Senate voted to approve the decision for Curry to receive compensation for the 2018-2019 school year as well as future appointed SGA Executive Parliamentarians.

Old business included the topic of Senate shirts. Vice President of Internal Affairs, Darian Thompson addressed the Senate with questions concerning the t-shirt design.

Several members agreed the shirt should not be professional ware, and instead a casual t-shirt incase members wore them outside of the meetings. However, the discussion was cut short to make time for other affairs.

The Senate moved on to new business and discussed their future goals which included a Senate t-shirt scholarship contest. If put in place, one t-shirt design from each college would be selected and the student with the overall best design wins the contest.

The shirts would be sold inside the college of the contest winner, and the money raised from those t-shirt sales would go towards a scholarship fund for another student in that same college.

“The person who wins the contest would have the scholarship named after them, and the money that is raised will be up for grabs from anyone in that college,” said Thompson.

Another future goal was to vote or veto the motion of Aggie Source, which is a closet of toiletries and school supplies, and in partnership with the Office of Student Development. SGA would fund the material needs for Aggie Source.

The closet would provide menstrual supplies, soap, toilet paper, and school supplies that SGA feels should be free for students. An official decision was not made, but the Senate did agree to have a future discussion on the goal.

Allison Gilmore, a junior journalism and mass communication student, and Junior Class President was the first to speak when transitioning to new business. Gilmore proposed a voter’s guide. This guide would summarize polling locations and candidates on the ballot for Guilford County.

“What the Executive Board is trying to do is put together a voter information guide, so students are able to see who the candidates are, as well as understanding their platforms a little bit better,” said Gilmore.

Following that discussion, the floor opened for students who were non-senate members to voice their concerns.

Angail Wiley, a junior public relations student, introduced her issues with her Aggie One Card. She suggested the cards should have a better and more long-lasting material expand their worth.

“Why would I have to come out of my pocket to pay for an Aggie One that is not lost or damaged,” said Wiley.

Other students discussed issues surrounding the availability of male contraceptives in the Student Health Center as well as an implementation of possible ambassadors for each of the seven colleges.

The Senate received all the matters, discussed solutions, and explained what it would take to get some of these ideas off of the ground.

Senate meetings are always open to anyone of the N.C. A&T community. The meetings are every first and third Wednesday of the month in ACB room 109. Students are encouraged to attend for their concerns to be heard.