Increase in security creates safe GHOE

Falesha Brodie, Contributor

From beginning to end, N.C. A&T’s 2018 homecoming was full of Aggie Pride and lacked reports of campus related homicide.

Although there were minor crimes reported, the N.C. A&T University Police Department and the Greensboro Police Department were the main operators of creating a safe, yet fun environment.

In order for this to occur, UPD ensured positive relationships with the community, local law enforcement agencies, UNC System and regional law enforcement agencies, according to Chief of Police Charles Wilson.

“Giving clear and decisive direction and expectations to visiting law enforcement officials are another critical component to foster a safe environment,” said Wilson.

In 2016, N.C. A&T suffered the killing of two students. Ever since, GPD and UPD have made it their mission for the University to never experience senseless violence again.

“After the violence in the past, homecoming week always makes me feel a little on edge, but this year there was literally law enforcement everywhere,” said Sierra Fryson, a junior public relations student.

Each dorm, off-campus apartment and on-campus building was secure despite the massive amount of people present. This year, like all others, police patrolled the campus day and night even in unmarked vehicles.

“I had no idea there were so many unmarked cars. I was walking back from the new student center and I saw this ordinary car lit up on the side of the road,” said Jamesha Lawrence, a junior accounting student.

Knowing students, alumni and visitors attend with the intent to celebrate a reunion, UPD plans in advance with adequate resources to manage the crowds.

With the crowd that N.C. A&T accumulates during homecoming, the University is subject to increase security.

Even students who do not attend N.C. A&T appreciated how devoted police were to keeping campus safe. Many students acknowledge the safe GHOE they experienced on social media.

“Nobody was killed at GHOE this year. I’m proud of y’all keeping it safe this year,” tweeted Gerrell Wheeler, UNC Charlotte alum.

Even with this successful homecoming, Wilson admits UPD cannot control the actions of others. However, they do educate the community on strategies that will enhance personal safety.

Several organizations, such as the Office of Housing and Residence Life, released information graphics to students on how to remain safe during homecoming.

In the future, UPD plans to maintain campus safety for the University, especially in times of increased foot-traffic on campus.