Girlz on F.I.R.E strives to change the narrative


Ayanna Miller, Contributor

Rhonda Carson owner of Girlz on F.I.R.E L.L.C is bringing a positive light to the importance of women having firearms.

“With proper training, any woman can become proficient in safe gun handling and marksmanship. I have worked with many who are new to shooting with much success,” said Carson.

The company, which celebrates four years in May, is a #FirearmSafetyTraining company located in High Point, NC. It offers NC Concealed Carry, private one-on-one training, intro to handguns, and handgun cleaning.

“The mission of GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. is to eliminate the fear of firearms in women, allowing them to protect themselves and their families,” Carson said.

“When I created my business plan, I stated my goal to become the largest women’s only firearm safety training academy in the Triad area of North Carolina,” she said.

“Many facilities offer women’s only courses but they are typically male-led and sadly, I can’t seem to connect with other women firearms instructors in the immediate area, with the closest being close to 40 miles away,”

Carson was introduced to firearms at a young age in Mocksville, NC. At 19, she received her first handgun and has been carrying ever since.

“As a young woman, when my friend-girls would find out that I carry, they would say that they were afraid of guns. My reply has always been, “I’m afraid to not have my gun,” she said.

The idea of Girlz On F.I.R.E. came to fruition in Fall 2014 when Carson attended her former employer’s club fair and signed up for a sporting club as an officer. Through this, she rekindled her interest in firearms for self-defense and recreational activities, like skeet, trap, and competition shooting.

However, in January 2015, Carson was disappointed to learn there were no local groups for women to participate in recreational shooting.  

With this, Girlz On F.I.R.E. was born.

Carson said that coming up with the name for her company was not an easy feat.

“I wanted it to have meaning, which is why F.I.R.E. stands for feminine, independent, resilient, and empowered,” she said.

She also expressed the perception of guns as “a scary-killing machine” can also affect people’s interactions, but by “looking at the firearm as a tool for self-defense”, proper training and knowing the law, it can be a safe experience.

“We must remember that guns do not operate without human interaction. It is a tool that incites a bit of fear but a tool that also requires respect,” she said.

“There are many gun owners that have not had any type of training so I always remind my students that ‘ignorance of the law is not an excuse’, and you will be penalized accordingly so get training and know the laws!”

Carson is currently an MBA candidate and is not looking to expand Girlz On F.I.R.E. to other locations in the near future, but she is looking to possibly work on other ventures.

“I would eventually like to get in sales and become a federal firearms licensed dealer, another minority business that is lacking in the Piedmont Triad area.”

If you are interested in Girlz On F.I.R.E. training, Rhonda Carson can be reached at [email protected] You can also visit the website at, find them on Facebook at and on all social media platforms as @girlzonfirellc.