Pride Hall residents fight vandalism fines
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Pride Hall residents fight vandalism fines





Brianna Monroe, Contributor

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The current residents of Pride Hall have implemented a petition due to the fining of every students’ account in the dorm for vandalism.

On Feb.  20, 2019,  the east side of campus, which includes Aggie Suites E & F, Aggie Terrace, Sebastian Village, Sebastian Courtyard and Pride Hall, lost power due to a blown transformer.

“I was in the middle of doing my homework, so I just went to the student center to wait it out,” said Chase Harris, junior multimedia journalism student.

The power outage lasted for less than two hours as a result of Duke Energy’s response time. The next day, residents were shocked to find an email stating every resident in Pride would be receiving a fine.

“There were some extensive damages that occurred to the building during this time. The behavior displayed by Pride Hall residents last night is completely and utterly disgraceful, and not a reflection of the excellence we pride ourselves on here at North Carolina A&T,” said Jernad D. Moore, Pride Hall director.

The following damages were as followed, according to the hall director’s email

  • Emergency lights collapsed down
  • Mechanical room vandalized and broken into
  • Door mechanism to mechanical room broken
  • Multiple residents running through the halls horse playing in the dark
  • Multiple window screens were kicked out of the stairwell windows

As a result, all Pride Hall residents will incur charges on their account. At no point during any event should any resident vandalize, break into any room, nor put yourself or fellow residents in harm’s way by altering any emergency equipment,” Moore’s email stated.

At the moment it is unknown what the fine will be for the students because the damages are currently still being assessed. The current Residents of Pride Hall are not happy with this result. Some students have even gone to twitter to express their displeasure.

Students took to Twitter to voice frustrations surrounding the fine.

To combat the fine, Pride Hall residents have created an online petition in hopes of stopping the fine from being placed on all the resident’s student accounts. It has been shared on Facebook and Twitter. There are currently 169 supporters out of the 1000 supporter goal that is set.

“I understand placing a fine on everyone’s accounts to try and make everyone accountable. But I still signed the petition because it’s not fair,” said David Robinson, sophomore journalism and mass communication student.

Although some residents may seem this as unfair, the hall director does has justification to enforce a fine on all resident due to inappropriate misconduct.

In the housing code of conduct, it states “All residents of the floor/wing/building will be held accountable for an equal portion of the bill. All bills will include the cost of both labor and materials. Damage bills must be paid within five days of the billing date. Failure to make payment will result in the university instituting normal collection procedures.”

Considering the great efforts from residents and a large amount of displayed discord, Pride Hall is currently still firm and unwavering with their decision to place a fine on all the resident’s account.

For more information, you can contact Moore via telephone at (336) 332-8595.  T

The petition link also available here.