New Student Government Association officials announced


Elaijah Gibbs-Jones, theYard Editor

Yesterday ended the 2019-2020 election day, and welcomed newly elected officials into the SGA cabinet.

All positions, except those deemed vacant and the SGA President, were filled.

The list of new officials are as followed.

• Mister N.C. A&T-Armani May

•Miss N.C. A&T-Diamond Mangrum

•VPIA- Courtney Baskerville

•VPEA- Victoria Lawson

•Attorney General-Brenda Caldwell

•SGA Secretary- Aaliyah Wright

•Elections Committee- Eliama Brown

•Judicial Council-Chelsea Green

•Senior Class President- Devin Henry

•Senior Class VP- Kelyah Spurgeon

•Senior Class Treasurer-Antonia Bruce

•Miss Senior-Jourdan Lisbon

•Junior Class President-Kendall Rooks

•Mister Junior- Amauri Liles

•Sophomore Class President-Verdant Julius

•Sophomore Class VP- Lena Vann

•Sophomore Class Secretary-Kenyana Rose

•Miss Sophomore-Zaria Woodford

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