Aggies are encouraged to complete Exit Counseling

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Aggies are encouraged to complete Exit Counseling

Monay Sullivan, Contributor

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As May approaches, graduating aggies may have received a number of prompting emails from the financial aid department.

These emails are reminders to attend one of the mandatory assigned exit counseling sessions.

If a students has taken out any federal student loans as an undergraduate, then their presence is required.

The exit counseling is an electronic course offered online through

Required students must take the 20-minute e-course and are expected to print their confirmation page. To receive credit for the program, students have to do both, the e-course and appear at the info-session.

Exit counseling is a requisite regulated by the Department of Education; it is designed to prepare students to repay their federal student loans. It is also a way for the department to track their enrollment status.

Students that meet the following criteria must complete the exit counseling:

  • Graduation
  • Less than half-time Enrollment
  • Transfer Institution
  • Withdrawal/Leave

A six-month grace period is granted before repayment is due. This period is meant to provide time for students to find employment or enroll in a graduate program.

If a student chooses to further their education, even if it is at the same institution, the student is still required to complete the exit counseling.

As we enter the last couple of weeks of school, it is imperative that all graduating seniors select an informational session to attend. To view the dates and times for upcoming sessions click here.

It is important to mention that while an undergraduate degree is a notable achievement, it will disqualify a student from certain forms of aid. After successfully completing an undergraduate education, students no longer qualify for federal Pell grants. However, advisors suggest graduate students to not be discouraged by this as there are other forms of assistance available.

“Most students don’t know exit counseling is mandatory, so they don’t do it. We get the emails advertising the sessions, but there aren’t links indicating the purpose of the counseling itself or what it entails.” senior, animal science student, Kamira Mcneal indicated.

While many share the same unawareness, there are a number of resources available to aid students in completion of the program.

Michelle Alston and Jewell Ramage are the student loan service advisors and can be reached by email at [email protected] or [email protected]. They are also available to schedule appointments for direct assistance with exit counseling.

For more information please visit the financial aid department in the Dowdy building or