SGA officials elected after lack of candidates in spring elections


Courtesy of Armani May

(Left to right) Malique Hawkins, Mister Freshman; Parker Wilson, Mister Junior; Armani May, Mister N.C. A&T; Gary Hooker, Mister Senior; Joshua Suiter, Mister Sophomore The newly elected class kings pose with the elected Mister N.C. A&T.

Morgan Haythorne, theYARD Lead Reporter

The candidates who won the 2019-2020 Student Government Association elections are in. In Spring 2019, many positions for this year’s administration had no candidates, leaving them vacant. These positions, however, are now filled:

SGA Executive Board: 

Vice President of External Affairs: Kendal Samuel

SGA Treasurer: Victoria Turner


Senior Class Council:

Mister Senior: Gary Hooker 


Junior Class Council:

Junior Class VP: Alexis Irving

Junior Class Treasurer: Christopher Holland

Mister Junior: Parker Wilson 

Miss Junior: Run-off between Jayla Parker and Kimberly Parson 


Sophomore Class Council:

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Cyen Peterkin

Mister Sophomore: Joshua Suiter

Freshman Class Council: 

Freshman Class President: Omar Webb 

Freshman Class VP: Angel Smith

Freshman Class Treasurer: Destiny Knotts 

Mister Freshman: Malique Smith 

Miss Freshman: Courtney Anderson


College of Arts, Humanities, an Social Sciences:

Alexis Davis

Julian Woods

TaLeakea Yates


College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences:

Maya Johnson


College of Business and Economics:

Ragina Drake

Olivia White

Nandi Whitley


College of Health and Human Sciences:

Cayla Makell


College of Science and Technology:

Christopher Jackson


Judicial Council:

Yvonne Malone, Pierce Monroe, Justin Rose, Kiya Young

Run-off elections will be held online on Sep. 11 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.