Students express concern with increased enrollment announcement

Quentin Martinez, Contributor

Every year N.C.A&T’s incoming freshman class sets a record for being the biggest class of that academic year, which is seen as a positive and negative by some students.

With the record-setting enrollment of the class of 2023, N.C. A&T’s whole school as a collective enrollment reached 12,556 students this semester. 

While many view the fast growth rate as beneficial, some believe it may be doing more harm than good. For example, many people have raised the counter argument of the high enrollment causing several housing issues for upperclassmen. 

“The increasing enrollment is definitely something to be very proud of, but the main concern would be for continuing students housing as many would have to start finding off campus living,” said Damion Morgan, junior information technology student.

The lack of housing continues to be a concern of students due to complications between continuing students and the Office of Housing and Residence Life during the summer. 

“The increasing student enrollment is a good thing for the people and the school as more students are getting an education,” Hannah Hackett, freshman sustainable land and food systems student said.  “But, the space on campus could become an issue for some people.”

N.C. A&T has confirmed plans for a new dormitory hall. However, students continue to worry if construction will begin before more students are left homeless.

Morgan includes his perspective that the construction of the new engineering and new student center was a good decision. However, he believes the effort toward housing is not being executed fast enough. 

Increased enrollment is one of the initiatives within A&T Preeminence: Taking the Momentum to 2023. The goal is to obtain a student body of 14,000 by the project’s conclusion. 

“We are pleased with the continued strategic growth of Aggie family,” Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. said.