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Bernie Sanders visits Greensboro on college tour through the Carolinas


Many people of all ages gathered at Bennett College’s town hall on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019 to hear the presidential campaign platforms of 2020 election candidate Bernie Sanders.

The discussion of today’s issues featured Sanders and a panel of eight guests: Nina Turner, Danny Glover, Killer Mike, Phillip Agny, Ben Cohen, Dr. Cornell West and Dr. Adolph Reed.

Sanders presented his 2020 presidential proposals such as ensuring free college tuition, erasing of student loan debt, legalizing marijuana and finding a new way to obtain U.S. citizenship.

“When we unite, there is nothing we can’t accomplish,” said Sanders.

The panel began with only five out of the eight panelists, who elaborated on the effect HBCUs have had on society.

Turner presented the important history of HBCUs, which were the only educational outlets for African Americans in the times of segregation and have produced the majority of black professionals across the world.

Sanders completed the first discussion by displaying his plans to increase work study opportunities and permit more funding for HBCUs.

Another topic of discussion focused on police brutality. Cohen shared an experience his arrest. He explained if he was black he knows he would not have survived the arrest based from police brutality rates.

The second group of panelists began their discussion by presenting the methods that would elect Sanders as the 46th POTUS, and keep him there.

“We have to stand behind Sanders in the polls as well as the in White House” said Danny Glover.

After these discussions, the public were permitted to ask questions. Bennett College students were given the privilege of the first four questions.

The students asked Sanders his plans concerning drug wars, immigration battles, LGBTQ+ issues, social injustices, home foreclosures, Trio programs, health care and mass incarceration.

Sanders expressed his sentiments and perspective plan to fix all of these issues through the introduction of new bills and laws if elected. He even promised to begin the work behind mending these injustices on his first day in office.

Killer Mike reminisced on the social injustices listed throughout the town hall and was reminded of a quote he heard: “You asked my father to wait, my uncle to wait, my brother to wait, how long must I wait on freedom?”

Killer Mike closed the event by encouraging the audience once more and telling them the time for a Sanders presidency is now.

“There are more of us, we’re stronger, we will wait no longer,” Mike said. “The time is now. When you go to that booth next year, I need you to carry in that booth the memory of this room.”

Sanders also visited the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, followed by a visit to the Prestige Barber College and a climate change rally in downtown Greensboro.


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