Joforia Jewels commits to eco-friendly beauty

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Falesha Brodie, theCulture Editor

Jewelry can take anyone’s outfit to the next level and make a person feel extra special. 

Jonelle Dawkins, a supply chain management graduate student and owner of Joforia Jewels,  began her business back in March of 2018. 

Joforia Jewels’ purpose it to give everyone the same opportunity to feel beautiful. 

“I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. The jewelry started off as a gift for my line sister. And then one of my oldest sorors said I should start selling my bracelets,”  Dawkins said. “And because I needed money to go to Ghana at the time, I used the bracelets s fundraiser as a fundraiser.” 

She quickly found out how much enjoyed making the bracelets. 

Her favorite part is the entrepreneurial aspect. She never had the opportunity to intern for a company, so this is her chance to work and learn from her own. 

She said that while being her own boss, she understands how well her business does based on the time she decides to put in it. 

“If I’m lazy, if I don’t post, if I don’t sell, then I don’t make money,” she said. “I do all those things and I stay up making bracelets, then I make money.”

Dawkins’ entrepreneurial spirit goes further back than Joforia Jewels. 

“I’ve always wanted a business. I wanted to make something and I wanted to sell it,” she said.

She used to write books, make makeup, and even make clothes. 

“I like making clothes, but I do not like making clothes for people,” she said. “I learned that really fast during my freshman year of college. But, when I started making jewelry, it was relaxing. I felt like I was painting when I was because of the way I was putting colors together.”

Dawkins is proud of the progress her business is making. She keeps all of her earnings and expenses in a spreadsheet.

She set a goal to make $1,000 within one year. Less than half a year after setting her goal, she exceeded it. 

Although she plans to keep the business as a side hustle, she makes sure it’s environmentally friendly and safe.

Recently, a number of leading companies have walked their way to eco-friendly and sustainable business practices, according to Hummingbird International. And the natural beauty industry is reportedly on the rise, according to Vox.

 “I’m very environmentally focused,” she said. “And one thing I want to do through my business is make sure my impact is low on like on the environment. So, I use natural gemstones and glass beads.”

She also makes sure she works with vendors that use their profits to give back to their communities. She asks herself, “where is my money going?”

She expressed how her happy customers make her feel.

“To see guys so excited to give the bracelet to their girlfriends or when my dad wears his to church all the time, it makes me happy. I want them to feel just as happy wearing it as I do making and selling jewelry,” she said.