Elizabeth Warren invests in HBCUs


Elaijah Gibbs-Jones | Managing Editor

Rye and Warren discuss HBCUs

Jennifer Rice, Contributor

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited NC A&T for a live ‘On One’ podcast recording with host Angela Rye, promising $50 billion in aid for historically black colleges and universities. 

This was Warren’s first campaign event in Greensboro. The questions and responses throughout Warren and Rye’s conversation varied from rapid-fire “yes or no” questions to in-depth/ open-ended statements. 

“It’s been 400 years since the first documented enslaved person was brought to these shores. What is your plan for our empowerment, success, viability, and equity long term in this country?” Rye asked to address the issue of diversity representation. 

Answering the question Warren stated she wants to enforce and pass policies that allow “economic room for ventures that would boost educational institutions, including colleges by adding funding for HBCUs, working towards tuition-free college, and canceling the student debts of millions.” 

In the plan, Warren proposes  to give universities more access and resources. 

“For too long now HBCUs have been doing the most with the least because they just haven’t had the money, the resources,” Warren said.  

Sen. Warren explained she plans to invest in the education of young people by focusing on the impact HBCUs have on both America and black people. 

“When we invest in HBCUs we are not just investing in today, but we are investing in tomorrow, and the next generation, and I have a plan for that,” Warren said. “We need to reduce our investment in billionaires and increase our investment in an entire generation of Americans.” 

After her pledge of $50 billion in aid for HBCUs, the auditorium filled with students and the general public burst into excitement and agreement with her statement. 

Warren also addressed the importance of the next generation of voters. 

“Your vote is precious, and your vote is powerful, so use it, and use it smart, and the way to do that is to start a movement,” she said. “We are not going to have change by having interchangeable politicians, we have to build a movement, and that going to be our comparative edge. It’s about making real change.”

Near the end of her appearance, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley was welcomed on stage to officially announce her endorsement of Warren. Presley emphasized to the crowd why she supports and believes in her fellow Massachusetts lawmaker. 

“What I need is a visionary partner, a bold activist leader who is going to center the voices of communities, who can teach as much as she can learn,  and that is what we have in Elizabeth Warren, and that is why I am so very proud to be standing with her.” Pressley said. 

The event was concluded with the audience lining up to speak with, shake hands, hug and take selfies with Rye and Warren.