N.C. A&T redesigns website, draws prospective student


Screenshot of newly designed website

Zila Sanchez, Editor in Chief

N.C. A&T launched its newly redesigned website on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, with the purpose of drawing in prospective students.

In its first phase, the website relaunch featured the information most vital to students and staff. In the next month, the second phase will roll out with updated information by department, as stated at a website introduction session held by Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations Todd Simmons and members of the IT department.

The new website features an interactive five-tier homepage, where students can explore information about the university and individual colleges, and, for the first time, a social media feed in the news and events section.

Its design takes on a modern approach with smaller letters set on empty spaces. Though some faculty and staff complained about visibility issues at the information sessions, Simmons says they ultimately went with the style after holding several focus groups and interviews to know what potential students would look for on a university website.

“We think we’ve caught everything from a dated content standpoint,” Simmons said, referring to the overall look of the website. He says the look makes it easier for prospective students to navigate the website’s many avenues and to apply for enrollment.

“I think it’s a good idea [to design a website for prospective students] because if you go to the website of a school you’re trying to go to and you see it’s unorganized, you’re going to be like, ‘what’s going on?’” said junior Ayanna Gillespie, social work student.

A new feature on the website includes a high contrast button on the side menu for those with vision difficulties and disabilities. The changes, though subtle, help to make the pages easier to maneuver.

Another new feature is an updated intranet, also located on the side menu. Under the quick links is Aggie Hub

Aggie Hub “makes the intranet more valuable,” according to Simmons.

Faculty and staff are able to log onto Aggie Hub to access their email and Banner, with additions to their most frequently visited apps and sites residing on their Aggie Hub homepage — happening in phase two of the relaunch.

For now, many pages are continued to be transferred to the new site, making some links direct users to a “page not found” screen.

With the finals week here, students complained about being unable to find the academic calendar and exams schedules the week prior to exams week.

The exam schedule has now been transferred to the website.

To locate the academic and exam schedules, go to the side menu on the homepage, then “info for current students” and click Registrar Academic Calendar.

As the website continues to be updated, more content management system classes and information sessions will be held to help faculty and staff navigate the new website. The sessions will also be a place to share feedback on user experience.