SGA Election 2020: Campaigning at a Distance

Courtesy of SGA

Courtesy of SGA

Jamille Whitlow, TheYard Editor

The SGA Senate and Class Officer Candidate speeches took place on Aug. 28 and Aug. 31 using the media outlet, Zoom. On the 28th, the upperclassmen officers had their speeches. The freshman officers had their speeches on the 31st. 

Since 2011, the SGA elections have taken place online. However, due to the pandemic, candidates are solely relying on social media and word of mouth to maximize the most votes.

Adia Drayton, a sophomore biomedical engineering student running for a senate position in the College of Engineering, has taken full advantage of campaigning on social media since she decided to stay at home this semester. 

“It’s definitely a different process, especially with me making the choice to stay at home,” Drayton said. “Since this is a completely online campaign/election, I’m sharing my campaign poster in group chats, stories, and planning an online game to keep the student body/voters involved.”     

With a new school year comes new students. Jemoni Carter, a freshman biology student, knows that this year’s election is competitive because of social distancing protocols. 

“It’s not going to be the same because of social distancing. People are doing what they can using social media,” Carter said. 

Candidates are spreading the word by sharing their content with friends or other members of their campaign team to share on their socials.

The general election will take place on Sept. 3, and the runoff election will be on Sept. 10th. Voting will be available online from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Office of Student Development is responsible for sending the election link through email.

Winners will be announced via Instagram Live @ncatelectionscommittee at 6:10 p.m. after the election time. 

Here below are the candidates and the position they are running for: 

Senior Class Vice President 

Oluchi Chunkwunyere 

Olivia Jones

Junior Class Secretary 

Aleah Mixon 

J’ya Hunter 

De’Ana Tyson 

Sophomore Class Secretary 

Kamyrn Smith 

Khloe Villafane 

Curtis Shannon Jr. 

Marcia Richardson 

Desiree Ellis 

Jayden Williams

Sophomore Class Treasurer 

Trinity Butcher 

Namron Chapman

Freshman Class President 

Ka’Juan Durer 

Laia Garland 

Madison Long 

Justin Henderson 

Juston Matthews 

Tiana Minor 

Michael Cartwright 

Aalana Autry 

Freshman Class Vice President 

Destiny Surgeon 

TaNia McClary 

Trent Burke 

Briana Hutchinson 

Brandon Smith 

Ryan Douglas 

Sherelle Robinson 

Alyssa Lopez 

Jordyn Strange 

Jai Foskey 

Freshman Class Secretary 

Antonio Carey 

Chamarley King 

Tatum Coleman 

Naya Lewis 

Daina Wilson 

Tiniya Martin 

Freshman Class Tresurer 

Kristian Ellis 

Mister Freshman

Jackise Bell 

Jordan Tate 

Miss Freshman 

Daja Snipes 

Jaylynn Rutledge 

Torree Theodore 

Shayla Daggs 

Na’Zyia Sabur 

Colette Haynie 

Michael Ince 

Senate – College of Arts,Humanities, and Social Sciences

Julian Woods 

Senate – College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Maya Johnson

Senate – Willie A.Deese College of Business and Economics

Ellington King 

Senate – College of Education

Jaeda Barreto

Senate – College of Engineering

Karimah Preston 

Adia Drayton 

Mckenzie Harris 

Senate – College of Health and Human Sciences 

Tia Leak 

Kathrine Copeland 

Senate – College of Science and Technology

Morgan Woodward