N.C. A&T meal donation program to allow students to donate swipes

The process of donated swipes on the GET app.

The process of donated swipes on the GET app.

Jarod Hamilton, Editor-In-Chief

For the first time N.C. A&T students will be able to donate and receive cafeteria swipes through the The Swipe Out Hunger Meal Donation program on the GET app. 

The recently launched program lets students donate their unwanted swipes into a draft pool of sorts and people who want to receive swipes are able to sign up and get those swipes. 

Domonique White, a sophomore business management student, said that she likes to know that her unused swipes are not going to waste.

“I like having the ability to donate my swipes because there are some weeks that I do not eat at the cafe,” White said. “I usually use most of my swipes, which leaves me with a few extra swipes and  now with the ability to donate my swipes, I feel reassured that my swipes were not wasted at the end of the week.”

White does not only appreciate that her unused swipes will not be going to waste, but that when she is in need of swipes she is still able to sign up and get them as opposed to settling and eating in her room. 

“There were a few times last year when I was unable to eat at the cafe because I did not have any swipes and I had to settle to eat things such as Top Ramen,” White said.

Swipes are convenient for more than just eating. It is a well-known “secret” that some students go to the cafe and use their swipes to just socialize with their friends. 

Jupiter Rein, a junior English student, at N.C. A&T said that he is appreciative of the program, stating that it can be a great deal of help for students who cannot pay to get into the cafe and that he has to rely on a similar tactic in years past.

“I like it because it helps people who don’t have enough swipes and can’t afford to pay money for the cafe,” Rein said. “I have been in that situation the last two years I have been here and without my friends, I do not know what I would have eaten in the past so I am grateful for this new program.” 

Students can use the swipes at either Williams Dining Hall or at the cafeteria located in the student center.