Tuition and Fees Forum announces a replacement for Simply to Go


Courtesy of N.C. A&T

Jamille Whitlow, TheYard Editor

The Tuition and Fees Forum presented on  tuition, fees, and recommendations for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

 The Tuition and Fee Committee creates a review to be approved by the Cabinet and the Board of Trustees. Once the review is approved by the BOT, the review is sent to the UNC System and the Board of Governors. This entire process starts in Sept. and ends in Mar. 

The tuition and fees review serves to improve student’s resources by increasing and decreasing fees to achieve academic success. The following positions are responsible for deciding on the increase of tuition and any recommendations to be implemented in the school’s budget: 

  • Brenda Caldwell, SGA President 
  • SGA Treasurer
  • President of Graduate Student Advisory Council 
  • Dr. Melody Pierce, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 
  • Chatarra Joyner, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Budget and Planning 
  • Angela Peterson, Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Enterprises 
  • Angela DuBose, University Treasurer 
  • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Associate Professor in the College of Business and Economics 
  • President of the Staff Senate 
  • President of the Faculty Senate 

N.C. A&T’s state budget is a combination of state appropriations and tuition revenue. The increase of student enrollment tuition rates increases the tuition revenue. However, Earl Hilton III, Director of Athletics, explained how N.C. A&T’s budget reduction since 2008 affects the implementation of programs, dining places, and students’ resources. 

“ 43 million dollars has been cut from our budget, it has eliminated 250 positions because of budget reductions,” said Hilton. 

Courtesy of N.C. A&T

Hilton emphasized on N.C. A&T’s focus is remaining in the bottom quartile for combined tuition and fee rates. Due to the Fixed Tuition policy, the school cannot increase tuition on continuing enrolled students. However, increases are allowed in undergraduate and graduate out-of-state students. The health service fee can increase but the maximum percentage is capped at 3%. For 2021-2022, the health service fee will increase by $31.50. Athletics, student activities, educational and technology, campus security and debt service will stay stagnant. 

The student health service fee has increased because of the CARES Act funding. This fee increase will maintain the quality of healthcare, mental and physical programming for resource usage. However, this is a temporary fee increase until COVID-19 subsides. 

For the 2021-2022 academic school year, the housing fee will increase by $200, meal plan fees will increase by $150, and the transportation shuttle fee will increase by $15. 

The increased fee for Housing will go towards updating the residence hall’s technology and create more resources for students. The meal plan fee is towards contactless dining and for replacing Simply to Go by Fall 2021.  Simply to Go will be replaced by a pizza pick-up option, Pȧȧvo’s pizza.

Students interested in the Master of Accountancy program will have an increase in tuition by $2,000. The fee increase will support more opportunities for students and graduate assistantships.