N.C. A&T announces upcoming changes for Fall 2021


Courtesy of Kendall Ivy

Jamille Whitlow, Managing Editor

Less than two weeks away from the first day of class, the Division of Academic Affairs hosted a virtual student forum about the university’s policies for the fall semester. 

Policies enfored by North Carolina A&T are made to abide by the University of North Carolina System. 

The UNC System is a public institution that has a total of 17 campuses throughout the state.. Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. explained the system’s most recent opening condition that will be enforced for all UNC System schools. 

“If you’re not vaccinated, you will be exposed to required significant testing on a weekly basis,” said Martin. “To ensure that if you contract the virus, we are able to diagnose you and can quarantine you in a timely fashion.” 

Students have the choice to quarantine with their family or quarantine in a space provided by the university.  

In addition to the “Get Vaccinated or Get Tested Weekly” initiative, Dr.Melody Pierce, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, explains that students will have to either get tested within two days prior to their move-in date or be vaccinated. Students are required to do one of the following: 

  • Test negative for the COVID-19 test at least two days prior to arriving on campus  
  • Have a positive PCR test and be out of the 10 day isolation period 
  • Show proof of vaccination of at least one shot that is two weeks old 

Students who fail to do so will be referred to the Student Health Center to take a COVID-19 test. Afterwards, students can continue their move-in process. 

There are specific move-in dates for freshmen and continuing students. Freshmen move-in from Aug. 13th to Aug. 15th and continuing students move-in from Aug. 14th to Aug. 16th. Move-in times are within 9 a.m to 6 p.m and each student can bring up to three people to help them move-in.

According to Dr. John Lowney, Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life, this is designed to create less crowding amongst students. 

“ The reason that we want you to commit to your assigned date and time, is to ensure your safety and to keep the lines very very short… parents and students were really excited because it went so smoothly and so quickly” said Lowney. “ Moving dates have been sent out to all of our residents. It has been sent to your A&T email… if you don’t have it, we certainly can provide you with that information and we’re delighted to do so.” 

Housing and Residence Life prefer students to contact them via email, [email protected]. The email should include the student’s name, banner number, and phone number so they can call you.  

As students settle into their dorms this semester, the university announced a three-tier plan based on the infection rates in the campus region, Greensboro community and North Carolina. 

According to Chancellor Martin, the university will monitor infection rates and hospitalization rates on a weekly basis in addition to observing the following directors that are monitoring rates:  the Secretary of Health and Human Services for the state of North Carolina, Guilford County Health and Human Services Health Director and Padonda Webb, the university’s Director of Student Health.  

 “ The current plan that we’re in, we refer to as Plan A for Teaching – Learning Continuity” said Tonya Smith-Jackson, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. 

Teaching – Learning Continuity for Plan A: 

  • Masks are required for students, faculty and staff at all times.This includes computer and  teaching labs
  • Classrooms will be at 100 percent capacity 
  • Minimize in-person meetings by having virtual opportunities still available 
  • Each registered club or organization will be allowed to host no more than three in-person events for the fall semester. This includes full body meetings and general meetings

Pivot Plan B: 

  • Staggered group attendance where students are remote for one week and in person the following week. 
  • All tutoring, advising, regular meetings, and office hours would be virtual 
  • Classrooms would be at 70 percent occupancy 

Campus Lockdown, Plan C: 

  • All classes will go online
  • No in-person dining allowed, take-out option only 
  • “Stay-in-place” order, where students are not allowed to leave their housing unless it is related to food, health, or safety

“Plan C is considered our campus lockdown so this is the highest level that we are not going to get to because we are going to be great this semester,” Webb said. 

To understand the university’s fall and winter break schedule, look at N.C. A&T’s revised fall academic calendar. Just like last year, winter break will begin with the Thanksgiving holiday. Students will take their final exams online starting on Nov. 29 and be home. 

For more information about the universities’ facilities such as the campus rec center, student center, dining services and retail operations for Fall 2021, please visit Aggies Care.