Ministry Spotlight: The Conversation Room

Published October 15, 2014

Laci OllisonWord Editor 

Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a series that will spotlight various local and campus ministries.

Ask some students on the campus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where they are going on a Tuesday night and their answers just may be “church.”

The start of a new college aged bible study at a local church is drawing students from N.C. A&T as well as other local college campuses.

Joseph Frierson, Young Adult Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist church, said that the inspiration to begin “The Conversation Room” came from a need that he noticed amongst young adults in and round the community.

“In the culture of social media and internet, I felt like the young adult population was losing out on opportunity to engage one another and do it in an atmosphere where spiritual issues were lifted up as well,” the young adult pastor stated.

Frierson believes that at the heart of “The Conversation Room,” people will leave more assured and confident in the vision that God gave to their life.

“I believe young people are in a place where major decisions have to be made,” Frierson said. “Major moves have to be engaged and so I feel like ‘The Conversation Room’ helps people find that next step and find direction.”

I have made a few visits to “The Conversation Room.” Upon entering into the chapel on the campus of Mt. Zion Baptist Church where bible study is held, you immediately begin to feel a warm sense of belonging. The praise and worship team, comprised of young adults and college students from various campuses, encourages you to worship with them. It makes you feel comfortable in the current worship experience.

Each week, Pastor  Frierson delivers an encouraging and engaging message. Each week’s topic coincides with a monthly theme.

“During the month of October we talked about how to develop a dream team and how do you let that network develop you,” said Frierson.

“I think it is in the culture of the church to help young people develop dream teams that surround them.”

Beginning in 2015, Pastor Frierson is hoping to mobilize “The Conversation Room” to college campuses. The Young Adult Pastor anticipates N.C. A&T becoming the first off-site mobile location.

“In a city where there are seven institutions of higher learning, it is important for the church community to engage this sector of the population,” Frierson said.

“The Conversation Room” is  held every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. For more information, visit

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