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Self Defense 101


With spring break right around the corner and many students preparing to travel, N.C. A&T’s Student University Activities Board (SUAB) and Council of President (COP) felt the need to host a self-defense workshop.

“We believe just because heading into spring break week, we thought it was imperative that we be cognizant of what could happen, we obviously don’t wish for anything, or these situations to happen on anybody but just be prepared if it does happen to have something in the back of your mind to do to get away if situations arise.” Vice President of SUAB and senior business management major, Preston Thornton said. 

The University Police Department began the event by talking about the importance of self-defense. Officer Sutton and Officer Poole informed the class of four items they can have on campus as self-defense: 

  • wasp spray 
  • keys
  • pens 
  • flashlights

The officers shared that the school has RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes specifically for women only. This safety course has eight classes that teach defense techniques and coping mechanisms.

“I took the initiative to be certified in the RAD classes and the campus reached out to us and to help with this self-defense class to teach what you can do, what you can use in the legal aspects of it.” Officer Samuel Sutton said. “To help prepare yourselves and be ready and to survive any kind of attack. “

The two instructors, Preston Thornton and Correggio Peagler Jr. led the class into stretches to warm the body up and then got straight into different moves that the event-goers then practiced.

Thornton has participated in martial arts since the age of five. He received his black belt when he was 12 and got his second-degree black belt when he was 15. 

“We felt as though students teaching students was a lot more hands-on and informative, we kind of wanted to see it coming from students as we all live on the same campus and interact with the students. It came from a side of care for students to teach other students.” Thornton said.

Both instructors walked to each group to make sure they got the demonstrated moves right and continued to practice with every student. The students rotated roles between being the attacker and the victim with their partners.

“Although I struggled a little, after a few tries I got the moves. My favorite part was learning the techniques of course. It was engaging and fun, with the music lighting the mood.” Jada Hall, freshman journalism and mass communication major said. “The self-defense class was a great way to clear my mind and relieve some stress.”

Contact UPD if interested in the RAD classes, they currently are taking group/org sessions at this time. There are no set classes.

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