Meet N.C. A&T SGA President elect Ezana Tamrat

Jordan Reynolds, Contributor

N.C A&T election results for Student Government Association (SGA) president position were announced last Friday. Ezana Tamrat, a junior political science student from Arlington, Virginia, born and raised in Ethiopia was elected SGA president for the 2022-2023 term. 

Tamrat is a member of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, former sophomore class president and enjoys being involved on-campus. 

Tamrat is a first-generation student with a platform set on addressing student body issues with N’clusivity, Wellness and Allocation. 

Through N’clusivity, Tamrat wants to target first-generation students by creating a networking program to help them through the transition, finding mentors and guidance through their college career. Additionally, she wants to engage culturally diverse students by creating an annual intercultural gala expressing themselves and sharing what home means to them. 

Tamrat’s second initiative, wellness, is all about addressing N.C. A&T food insecurities and the general mental health of the student body. “Health equals wealth,” said Tamrat. 

Tamrat plans to implement the “Aggie Market”, a place where students can purchase fresh produce with their flex dollars. She wants to collaborate with the farmer’s market located in Greensboro, North Carolina, in hopes of giving students the convenience of not having to spend money on Uber’s to grocery stores

“Students can use their flex at the food trucks, so why not on fresh produce?” Tamrat said. “It gets expensive when a student has to spend $10 on an Uber to get produce at Food Lion or Walmart.”

Tamrat also wants to allow students to choose their mental health days when needed throughout the school year, excluding test days and quizzes. 

Allocation is intended in advocating for change within the University funds. Tamrat aims to amplify student needs for their department by requesting funds through their senator and by allocating money from the annual budget to fund the support. Additionally, she wants to implement a Disadvantage Awareness Wellness Grant, “D.A.W.G Treat,” by allowing students to request emergency funding for unprecedented times. 

“Students may have to catch a flight or need money for rent and our refund checks do not always cover those fees,” Tamrat said.

Tamrat is committed to the growth and development of the student body and is passionate about the initiatives she plans to implement while serving as SGA President.

“I did not want to choose anything that I could not genuinely express.” Tamrat said, “As I was creating my platform, I wanted something I could truly elaborate on and to not bring any empty promises and false hope to the student body.”

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