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Meet North Carolina A&T’s new SGA President, Jasmine Amaniampong


Jasmine Amaniampong, a rising senior economic student from Concord, North Carolina, will be the Student Government Association president for the 2023-2024 academic school year.

Prior to becoming SGA president, Amaniampong served as SGA Sophomore Class President, Aggie Economic Association, Civic Fellow and Co-Lead for the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement and Spring ’23 initiate of the Alpha Mu chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. 

Recently, Amaniampong shared that her administration will be called the Ujima administration, which means collective responsibility and work within the Black community, as she aims to unify the A&T community. 

She wants students to be able to connect with student leaders and make sure SGA student leaders are radiating approachable energy, so students can feel comfortable expressing their concerns. 

“There should be no hierarchy. All students can enact change, however SGA is the liaison between administration and students,” Amaniampong said.

Former president Barack Obama inspired Amaniampong’s election campaign for her platform, O.B.A.M.A., which stands for Outreach within the community, Building bridges between NCAT administration and students, Advocacy-based work, Magnifying the culture and Accountability for the SGA administration.

“I chose OBAMA because he’s approachable, fun, for the people, and about his business, and that’s how I want to conduct myself as SGA president,” Amaniampong said.

Some of Amaniampong’s platform initiatives include: 

  • Collaborating with the royal court and other student organizations that can create change on campus and in the Greensboro community.
  • Wanting administration to be visible and wanting administration to be involved with student life. Encouraging administration to come to student events and emphasizing Blue and Gold Table Talk twice a year.
  • Advocating for students, making sure the E-board is comfortable speaking to students to hear their concerns and breaking the hierarchy of the Big Five organizations.
  • Highlighting Aggie Archives. Submitting work to Aggie archives so future students can look, and we can look back at things we did in college.
  • Holding SGA accountable. Monthly e-board reports on Instagram of each e-board member’s work. 

Amaniampong described her junior year as “jam-packed” with extremely intense campaigning and her other involvements keeping her busy. 

“I feel like I was extremely emotional during the campaign process. This was campaigning on a larger scale. I only campaigned to my class last time, so really hitting the whole school. There were a lot of up-and-down emotions. At times, I was just like, “I wish I would have done this better or wish I could’ve done a,b,c,” but also having that optimistic outlook was good for me.”

Amaniampong also found the campaigning experience to be “insightful” and “fulfilling” as it showed her a lot about herself and the student body on campus. 

“It was a really fulfilling experience. Speaking to new people and understanding what people do and don’t know about this campus,” Amaniampong said. It was shocking when I would go up to people, campaign for them, and then they didn’t even know what SGA is. And I didn’t take the time to think about that.”

Amaniampong describes herself as “ambitious, passionate and optimistic” as she always strives for new goals, is passionate about everything she does, and has a consistently positive attitude towards everything. 

Following graduation, Jasmine plans to continue her education within public policy and has a passion for non-profit and education. 

To learn more about Jasmine Amaniampong, visit online and to keep up to date with the Ujima Administration follow them on Instagram

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