What Guys Really Expect from the Holiday

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Dominique MoodyRegister Reporter:

Is Valentine’s Day strictly set up for the mesmerizing women of the world? Have we fallen prey to society’s ideal perceptions of what Valentine’s Day should be about? Before you’re so quick to turn the page, let’s discuss a couple of reasons why I’ve arrived at this question.

This Friday, and Saturday are the days where a lot of men will be reaching down into their pockets to make sure that their significant other has a great night. I am all for treating your special someone to a night they can’t forget. I believe that you should make your partner feel appreciated more than once a year. It seems as though a lot of men have the idea that they have to spend money lavishly in order to have a chance of getting lucky at the end of the night. While this may not be the case for all men, it seems to be the new perception of Valentine’s Day.

While has it been implemented that men have to be the one splurging on women on a day that’s not a national holiday? Many have fallen victim to the traditional gender roles where men pay for everything, which is fair, but not always necessary. I respect the tradition of men picking up the tab on the first date, or even on Valentine’s Day. Is it too much to take the men out for Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t have to hurt the pockets of our counterparts but it could change the traditions to which men have become acclimated. From an alternate perspective, I think it would be a breath of fresh air if a woman wanted to treat me for Valentine’s Day (an invitation I’ll gladly accept.)

Men love to see a little appreciation every once in a while. Appreciation not meaning just sex, but rather a hint that you’re actually interested in whomever you are with. Maybe a text here and there, or a phone call could lift their spirts dramatically. After a while, the men of your interest could get tired of always being the first to contact you. He could possibly lose interest if he’s always reaching out and you’re not meeting him half way.

“Why should I go out of my way to communicate with someone who isn’t interested in me?” is always the next argument that I may hear. The simple answer to that is, what do you have to lose? If you’re single then there is not a legitimate reason why you should be so quick to say no. At first you may have second thoughts, which is understandable, but nothing is wrong with at least taking the Starbucks date that he may offer. Who knows what may happen after that first date? Maybe you might have a strong connection, or maybe he’s the complete opposite of what you thought he may be. Point being, that if you truly want to find someone, you have to burst through you’re comfort zone to get the attention of the person you’ve been silently stalking on Instagram or giving glances to.

Valentine’s Day should be a day of appreciation, not necessarily a day of expensive gifts or dinners. For all of us who have a Valentine this weekend, we should be grateful that we are spending time with someone we genuinely want to spend time with. For all of the people, who are out there who aren’t fortune to have a Valentine, it should be a day filled with self-love or enjoying the company of going out with the ones closet to you. Self-love, meaning appreciating and recognizing all of your flaws, insecurities and then accepting them and becoming the best person you can be.

So as the dreadful Feb. 14 comes creeping up on you, don’t feel ashamed to go out with your significant other or your friends. If you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, what’s wrong with hopping on the couch, popping some popcorn, and buy your own chocolate? It may be time for a “me-day.”