Netflix & Chill


As the day of love, sex and romance quickly approaches, men and women everywhere are trying to figure out how they will spend their Valentine’s Day. Some people will go to the movies and others out for dinner. However, many college students who often ball on a budget, will find themselves opting for a romantic night in. 

After all, what can be more romantic than staying home, eating greasy food, and partaking in a session of Netflix and Chill with a potential lover? The phrase “Netflix and Chill” has been buzzing all over social media for the past year now and it is this generation’s most inexpensive type of dating.

Netflix and Chill has little to do with watching Netflix. In fact, if Netflix and Chill is done correctly, no one in the room should be chilling.

By using these tips correctly, a person can finally leave the tar pit trap of the “friend zone” and finally move to the next step “we don’t know what we are” in their relationship.

1. Have Netflix

This should be common knowledge given the term Netflix and Chill, however there is usually that one person who believes “YouTube Chill” will deliver the same results. It doesn’t. It only decreases the slim chance you already had with potential bae. Moving on to step two.

2. Have a Television

Once again this should be common knowledge but that same person who believes YouTube and Chill will yield the same results as Netflix and Chill, is the same person believes potential bae will not leave the room the moment you pull out your laptop. There are not a lot of patient people in the world who want to squint their eyes and have neck pains as they watch a movie.

3. Have a Comfortable Bed or Couch

Leaving the common knowledge steps behind, you should have a comfortable area to indulge in cuddling, which leads to kissing which leads to other activities one may feel comfortable doing. Make sure the sheets and blankets smells nice, the room is clean and that the pillows are nicely fluffed.

4. Pick the Right Netflix Movie

You should pick a movie that slightly interests you and your guest. If the movie is too boring, then potential bae might fall asleep. If the movie is too interesting then it might prolong the cuddling which leads to kissing which leads to whatever activities both parties feel comfortable with. Therefore picking a movie that is slightly entertaining will keep you both awake and also have enough boring moments to let the night flourish.

5. Have Food and Snack

People get hungry and like to snack as they pretend to watch movies on Netflix. Whether you cooked or ordered take out, any type of food is appropriate for Netflix and Chill. This aspect of the night technically turns Netflix and Chill into a date…technically. It’s just a dinner, a movie and sex rolled into one inexpensive bundle.

6. Timing

A person should move closer to their romantic or sexual interest. To help make it less obvious already obvious situation, the best thing to do is to move closer each time someone laughs, gasps, or jumps, that way he or she will be distracted. Proceed to inch closer to your chill mate until you are side by side.

7. Take the Opportunity

If spooning, touching and kissing is occurring, it is safe to say that the goal of Netflix and Chill is almost near. As stated before, timing is very important. Waiting too long makes things awkward, and moving too quickly will make you look desperate. Simply let nature take its course while Orange is the New Black plays in the background.

Using these tips gives you an 80% chance to have a successful Netflix and Chill this Valentine’s Day. Who knows? It may even lead to a potential future partner by the end of Cuffing Season. Happy Netflix and Chill, may the odds be ever in your favor!