Family, Friends Remember Jermaine Darnell Clark

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Published August 27, 2014

Alexis WainwrightSports Reporter

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jermane Clark died April 30, 2014. This piece allows his friends and family a chance to share memories.  Clark was linebacker on the Aggies football team. He was a victime of gun violence. Greensboro Police made an arrest in his death.

“In the last four months many around the country have felt a great loss. From the mountains of Colorado, to the sandy beaches of Hawaii a bright energetic young man following his dream where it took him.” 

— Constance Hoffman, sister

“To my teammate, my right hand man, my brother you will truly be missed. Whoever knew you knew that it’s not too many like you. I would give anything just to spend just a couple more minutes with him. I guess they say the good die young, but never in a million years thought it would be you. It’s crazy how much I learned from you. I’ll never forget all the little adventures we went on around campus and our trip to Miami. He was always down to have a good time and saying that I know you lived your life to the fullest! I just want to thank God for allowing me to be a part of his short life. Even though you’re gone we’re still a team, through your family I’ll fulfill your dreams. These upcoming years are for you on and off the field!”

— Lorenz Suttles, friend and teammate

“He was my big brother. A role model, He always called me Lil Cody in a funny voice. He was peaceful self-minded person. He didn’t care for drama or what people thought about him. Me and Dom would always chill with him. He was just an awesome person period and I miss him. Me and Dom was with him an hour before he passed away.”

— Cody Jones, friend and

“Jermane was a very humble person, wise beyond his years. He may have seemed somewhat to himself for those who did not know him, but once you gained his respect he was very outgoing. Dedicated worker towards his craft, football. He was going to be successful no matter what he did simply because of his work ethic. His smile could bring up any persons mood and he treated all of those close to him as if they were his own blood family.”

— Dominic Frescura, friend/teammate