I Will Not Apologize For Being Plus Size, Krystal Hall! by Kayla Clarke

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I Will Not Apologize For Being Plus Size, Krystal Hall! by Kayla Clarke

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Most students come to college to get better at what they love and want to do in the future and this student is achieving just that.

Krystal Hall, a junior Journalism and Mass Communication student, is doing what she loves, fashion, and she took interest in it early.

“I began to gain a love for fashion in my early years… around 5th grade,” says Hall.

Around this time, she began to transition into middle school and wanted all the newest shoes while wanting to partake in the newest trends.

Her mom really pushed her to be who she is today. “My mom really influenced me to become a personal stylist. She invested in me and bought my first set of business cards,” said Hall.

Hall would always tell her mother when she styled one of her friends or just helped put something together. With the help of her friends, she began to gain clientele.

“I must say it has been a slow start. I do get clients here and there, but not as expected.” When school starts, she hopes to become more known for her work.

Along with being a personal stylist, Hall has created a YouTube channel, a website, and her own t-shirt line.

Her YouTube channel consists of fashion hauls, college, lifestyle and more. Along with her channel, her t-shirt line is also getting a lot of attention.

“My t-shirt line is awesome!” says Hall. “I love it, of course. It’s been getting a lot of recognition.”

On the t-shirts, it says, I Will Not Apologize For Being Plus Size. Hall came up with the hashtag her senior year of high school.

“I started to sell them, and it went great, however, someone from my hometown stole my exact design. I completely lost hope,” says Hall.

However, Hall did not let that stop her. With the help of her friend Qui’Wania Miller and her mother, she continued making t-shirts and now has complete protection over the design.

Hall also encourages women to not apologize for being plus sized.

“Advice I would give to other plus size women is to always love the skin that you’re in!” says Hall. “Don’t let anyone tell you that just because you’re this size or that size and have extra baggage that you can’t still be happy and live your best life! You’re beautiful inside and out and your size does not define who you are as a person.”

With many plans for her future, she has a few ideas of what she wants to become.“In the future, I see myself doing so many things just as I am right now. I can see myself being a full-time Youtuber, a fashion blogger, and a news editor.” With the help and encouragement from the people around her, Krystal Hall will be able to do what she loves.


Want to get styled by Krystal? Be sure to check out her social media!

Instagram: @_soclothesminded

Business Instagram: @krysstylez1

Personal Twitter: @_krystalwilldo

Website: https://krysstlyez1.wixsite.com/mysite