Take a trip to Astroworld by Jaylin Saunders

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Take a trip to Astroworld by Jaylin Saunders

Jaylin Saunders, theSCENE Lead Reporter

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There was once a theme park located in Houston, Texas named Astroworld which was torn down to make a space for rodeos.

In 2016 Houston’s very own Jacques Webster better known as Travis Scott announced “I will bring back Astroworld.” and then made his fanbase wait two years but on August 3, 2018, the album finally dropped.

Right now the album is ranked at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with the second-largest debut of 2018.

The album opens with a track called “STARGAZING” which Scott has teased several times at concerts with snippets of the song.

Scott is very well known for his mastery of autotune and in this song, it is shown.

“STARGAZING” has different ranges of autotune in this track ranging from very high to very low.

Then in the second half of the song the beat changes, which happens a lot in the album overall, and he starts using autotune less and rapping with his regular voice more, this tone is seen through the whole album.

One of the best parts of Astroworld was the features.

He had Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and many more like Drake who was featured on the third track “SICKO MODE” in the album.

The song starts off with Drake singing then the beat changes drastically and Travis Scott starts rapping for a little but it doesn’t let you get too comfortable because of the track’s beat changes yet again and Drake returns for another verse.

His first line “She’s in love with who I am” is a sign that he is a deliverer. Drake came with the flow he used for the majority of his album Scorpion that also came out this year. After Drake is done Travis returns with a few lines then the track ends with a nice melody.

Throughout the album, the Houston rapper shows he has connections in high places and is definitely shown in the fifth track “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD.”

To start off the track Kid Cudi, another well-known master of autotune and artist who inspired Travis Scott, joins Travis Scott in best humming you’ll ever hear and it leads into Travis Scott rapping and harmonizing throughout.

After Scott is done then James Blake comes in with a voice that’ll put you in another dimension; he then adds Stevie Wonder himself in the background on the harmonica which delivers the finishing blow.

“STOP TRYING TO BE GOD” is the only song off Astroworld with a music video which really gives more to the lyrics of the song, showing someone who is trying to be God and goes crazy with power then is struck down by God for trying to overpower him.

The video also features babies mother Kylie Jenner. According to Elite Daily, the video is “Trippy AF” and they are definitely correct.

The album ends with track 17 named “COFFEE BEAN.” “COFFEE BEAN” completely changes the tone of the album. In this song, Scott is very personal about things and opens up a lot about his life away from the music.

He touches about his relationship with Kylie Jenner and the birth of their daughter Stormi. It’s a good track and brings your trip to Astroworld to an end on a more slow note.

Overall Astroworld definitely captured the feel of an amusement park where some tracks you feel like you were on a rollercoaster and other tracks you felt as if you were on one of the more calm rides.

Astroworld is available on all music platforms.

So if you haven’t listened to the album go and take a trip to Astroworld.