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Black Love on Screen


The Photograph 

The death of a famed photographer, Christina Eames, leads her estranged daughter Mae to uncover secrets from her mother’s past. Mae embarks on this journey with a rising journalist, Michael, assigned to this story and discovers Christina’s complicated relationship with a photographer. Mae and Michael develop their relationship and the line between pleasure and professionalism is blurred.





Brown Sugar 

Sidney and Dre are childhood friends who grew up during the birth of hip-hop in New York, and who have undeniable romantic tension. When a job opportunity as a writer opens up in Los Angeles, Sidney moves away. Fifteen years later, she returns to New York for a new job and reconnects with her old friend. Problems arise when it turns out that Dre has a new fiancé, which deters Sidney’s efforts to rekindle their relationship. Under the impression they are just friends, Sidney develops relationships with other men but Sidney and Dre’s connection is too strong to ignore.



If Beale Street Could Talk 

The 2019 film adaptation of James Baldwins’ novel of the same name is a love story of African American Harlem natives in the 1960s. Clementine “Tish” Rivers and Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt are young lovers whose lives are derailed when corrupt cops arrest and accuse Fonny of sexually assaulting a white woman.  To make matters more complicated, Tish is pregnant and the father of the child may be facing the death penalty.




Queen & Slim

When an awkward Tinder date turns into a run from the law. A minor traffic violation escalates to murder in self-defense. A couple of strangers are on the run after the dash cam footage of them shooting a cop goes viral and they are labeled ‘cop killers’ in the media. 



Brotherly Love 

High school basketball player Sergio Taylor struggles with the decision to follow his basketball dream and deals with the pressures of hood fame. His older brother June, gets entangled in gang wars, while their little sister Jackie gets wrapped up in young love. 


Jason’s Lyric 

In the city of Houston, Texas, with violence and a drug-infested neighborhood. Jason tries to make a better life for himself as a TV salesman. Jason also tries to provide for his mother and help his brother Joshua, who has been in constant trouble with the law. But joy finally comes in Jason’s life when he meets Lyric. As their relationship grows, Jason finally finds a future in himself. At the same time, while being confronted with his past. 




Poetic Justice 

After the death of her Boyfriend, Justice writes poetry to deal with the pain of her loss. Unable to get to Oakland with a broken-down car, Justice hitches a ride with her best friend Lesha, her boyfriend Chicago, and his co-worker Lucky, whom Justice met earlier at the Salon where Justice works. During the car ride to Oakland, the two argue. But after a few hours, the two grow closer together. After the two decide to be close, Justice finally opens up her heart after the death of her old boyfriend.   


Really Love 

A black artist, Isaish decides to break out into the competitive art world while trying to balance an unexpected relationship with an ambitious law student, Stevie Solomen. 







Just Wright 

Physical Therapist Leslie Wright landed a dream job with NBA star Scott Mcknight while dealing with a knee injury he sustained while playing with the New Jersey Nets. While helping McKnight make a comeback to the NBA with Knee’s injury, Leslie starts to grow feelings. But Mcknight is somewhat oblivious to Leslie’s feelings towards him as he still has feelings for Wright’s friend Morgan, who wants to be an NBA trophy wife. 





An overconfident ad executive, Marcus, has a reputation for being a ladies’ man at his place of work. But Marcus finally gets a taste of his own medicine when he finds out that his company is merging with another one with the beautiful Jacqueline, who has the same characteristics as Marcus regarding romance. After a business trip to New Orleans, the two decide to have a relationship. But after gossip starts to spread around the office. Marcus begins to step away from the relationship and gains feelings for another co-worker, Angela. 

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